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Find fabulous gifts on the festival of the skin

friendly party atmosphere, happy and Urgapuarn . Children, the elderly, youth, women, men, everyone is in the mood to celebrate with the use of new clothes and exchange gifts with each other, united with the living do worship.

Whenever he sits in a corner of his mind because of what seems to be looking at his festival.

Yes! If your skin is not shining or insensitivity pursue also always the fear that this was a reduction in its beauty, not the values ​​are calculated. This will decrease your Atmbiswas. While the Fab Four beauty skin.So moon will shine on the skin if internal measures to achieve the shortest possible time, so please follow the steps below.

Domestic use

  1. To clean your skin regularly oats, oatmeal in the English say, do a paste mixed with milk or yogurt and rub it on your face. After about 10 minutes, rinse and dry with a soft cloth towels please.
  2. whose skin is dry milk or yogurt and almond powder mixed with glycerin and honey should be applied. Moiscraijhr almonds and honey are excellent.
  3. take advantage of seasonal fruits. Narngiya are mild bleaching agent and Strabarry maintain control of fat in the skin.
  4. This shrink and tighten skin pores will open. And finer facial hair disappear.

Professional treatment

to request the assistance of an expert to refine the way, you can do that, too.

  • Today many spas in the four moon to find its beauty and natural materials such as 24K gold consume milk, lemon and chocolate or use of roses .
  • The new radiant beauty of your skin to keep, you should use sunscreen. Keep your skin moist, so do long-term effects of beauty treatments.
  • To create the beautiful and soft turmeric whole body, sandalwood powder and milk mixture doing well on a stool and let your whole body wrap with a towel after a shower and take about an hour.

This body wrap not only provides your skin tone, but also clears the pores. After this is done guava pulp and yogurt mixture to shit on your face and rinse after a while. This turmeric stains left on your face disappear. Or by making a slurry of carrot pulp and yogurt fuck all over his body. He also discovered traces of turmeric in your body will be deleted.

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