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Feeling The Kicks: Baby Movement In The Womb

During pregnancy, one of the things that most mothers are looking forward is to feel the movement your baby.

This varies from baby to baby. If it is your first pregnancy, the first movements would be felt sometime around 18 to 20 weeks. If this is your second or third child, the movement may feel a little earlier around week 15. It is also more likely to feel the baby move if you are sitting for some time or stand still. This is despite the fact that the baby had actually begun to move into the amniotic sac sometime around 7 or 8 weeks. You can also ask your ultrasound technician to help you see your baby’s acrobatics.

How does the kicking feels it work?

most pregnant women have described the movement of the baby in the womb as nervous twitches or tumbling motion. So, what it is the baby doing down there?

1. For the 7th and 8th week, the baby begins to move to one side and start making amazing moves
2. 9th week, the baby could begin to hiccup and move his / her tiny new arms and legs
3. 10th week would mean that the baby can move his head, put his hand to touch her face, and open the jaw and stretch
4. 12th week, the stretch is accompanied with a yawn (which has much to do after all!)
5. week 14 and the baby can move his eyes
6. 5th week and he / she starts sucking the thumb of your favorite hand
But remember, this is just the initial few weeks, her only in the 18th week your baby would feel kicking and pushing. (It may seem to you that he / she is in a hurry to leave little)

However, the baby does not move continuously. Sometimes, it rests, so do not worry if you do not feel the movement for some time. (Time asleep, do not disturb!)

So, how many of these setbacks footballer like to expect every day?
Initially, kicks would be far and between. You may feel some kicks or can not feel anything at all. This is because even if your child is constantly moving, some of them are not so strong enough to sitting. Only in the second quarter kicks will be strong enough to make you feel every time. In the third trimester, when the baby has less room to move, you can feel movement in her womb.

Remember that it is a good idea to discuss with another mother-to be, but each baby has its own distinct pattern of movement.

Keep a track in the third quarter
there is no fixed should feel much, however, since the pregnancy progresses, make sure that you are tuned in baby’s movements especially during their waking hours. If you do not feel any movement, try the following:

1. Eat a sandwich and relax. Babies sleep sometimes when you are moving around when you eat something and relax, the baby wakes up
2. Have a glass of ice water. The temperature change could wake your baby
3. Make some noise. loud music or even close the door tightly, waiting for your baby to respond
If you are still not sure, ask your doctor or midwife immediately to rule out any doubt.

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