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FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

According to the Associated Press, the FDA finally confirmed that the chickens that received the drug in effect, a result positive for inorganic arsenic.

After years of sweeping the problem under the carpet, the FDA has now admitted that chicken meat sold in the US It contains arsenic, a toxic chemical that causes cancer is fatal in high doses. But the real story is that this arsenic comes from: It is added to the feed of chickens on purpose! Already in 2006, the report of IATP Playing Chicken: Avoiding Arsenic in their flesh estimated that more than 70 percent of all chickens bred for US beef are fed arsenic. It is added to induce weight gain faster with less food, and the creation of the perceived appearance of a healthy color in meat chickens, turkeys and pigs.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found that nearly half of all chickens tested have absorbed inorganic arsenic most toxic form, in your liver. Based on this finding, the agency asked Pfizer to stop making roxarsone, the medicine containing arsenic and added to feed to fatten chickens and give the meat a bright pink color.

Chicken legs

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“The agency said recently took a study of 100 broiler chickens detected inorganic arsenic at higher levels in the liver of chickens treated with 3-Nitro compared with untreated chickens … Pfizer said the sale of 3-Nitro would be arrested in early July in order to allow animal producers to transition to other treatments. ”

But even as product containing arsenic is pulled from the shelves, the FDA continues its campaign of denial, claiming arsenic in chickens is at such a low level that it is still safe to eat. This is like the FDA says arsenic is a carcinogen, which means it increases the risk of cancer.

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But what the industry is hiding from you is the fact that arsenic is highly toxic to human health. Southern University Department of Environmental Health Sciences Carolina warns that arsenic, along with lead and mercury, are known to produce horrible neurological effects in developing fetuses and young children. Arsenic, in general, is said to be about four times more poisonous as mercury. Trivalent arsenic As + 3 is considered 60 times more toxic than pentavalent As +5.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that individuals who consumed large amounts of arsenic-tainted rice, in the absence of further exposure to known arsenic, showed significant cellular changes related to cancer development .

Numerous reports have already confirmed that intake of arsenic can cause Bowen’s disease (squamous cell carcinoma in situ); Invasive carcinoma squamous cell; basal cell carcinoma of the skin; and (less frequently) Internal lung, kidney, bladder and liver.

What is surprising about all this is that the FDA tells consumers that it is safe to eat arsenic causes cancer but it is dangerous to drink juice elderberry!

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