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FDA Finally Admits: Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic!


Arsenic is a toxic chemical that, when taken in large amounts, can have fatal consequences, as it has carcinogenic properties. Moreover, the FDA admitted that chicken meat sold in supermarkets is filled with arsenic. Therefore, the real problem is the source of the arsenic.

IATP A report from 2006, called Playing chicken, showed that over 70% of chickens are fed arsenic mixed with food intentionally chicken. This is done in order to save on food and to make healthy chicken, pork and turkey meat color.

Moreover, the non-organic arsenic found in chicken liver was the most toxic form of arsenic cancerous chemicals. Another harmful drug containing toxic arsenic is roxarone. Usually, it is added to chicken feed to meat seems thicker and pink.

An excerpt from The Wall Street Journal:

“The agency said recently conducted a study of 100 broiler chickens detected inorganic arsenic at higher levels in the liver of chickens treated with 3-Nitro compared with chickens untreated … Pfizer said the sale of 3-Nitro would be held in early July in order to allow animal producers to transition to other treatments. ”

However, the FDA says chicken meat contains safe amounts of arsenic that are not dangerous, despite the fact that the product was recalled from stores in the US. Southern University Department of Environmental Health Services Carolina declared that arsenic is highly toxic to fetuses and children, along with mercury and lead.


A lot of experts explain that arsenic is 4 times more toxic than mercury. Therefore, people who eat a lot of rice containing arsenic experience changes in cells, causing the onset of cancer, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

To make matters worse, as the latest reports indicate, when ingested, arsenic can cause Bowen’s disease, basal cell carcinoma, carcinoma invasive squamous cell, and even the liver, bladder and cancer kidney.

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