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Father Faces 20 Years Prison for Treating Daughter’s Cancer with Cannabis Oil

Adam Koessler would heal her 2-year-old daughter rare, Stage 4 neuroblastoma, a cancer the abdomen that can be very painful.

He learned about the positive medicinal effects of cannabis oil in cancers like her daughter and tried to manage the oil in an attempt to cure her. What followed is a complete nightmare.

Despite the fact that:
There is evidence that cannabis video cancerous cells attack oil at the point

The undeniable medical reports that cannabis is the cancer

And the US government has been aware of cannabis’ qualities curing cancer since at least 1974.

… the Australian government frowned on his attempt to treat because it resides in Australia, where medical marijuana is illegal today.

Adam was recently arrested for “allegedly administration of medicinal cannabis oil” to her 2-year-old daughter. He has also been charged with “possession of a dangerous drug” which comes with a prison sentence of 20 years if he is found guilty. This, despite the fact that medical marijuana and even recreational marijuana is becoming more areas legalized with each passing year.

Adam can only see his daughter with restricted access, as it has been removed form their care to be treated with aggressive chemotherapy. He is not being informed of their treatment details or progress -. In his case, although Adam tried to send their organic meals through a company registered while in the hospital, the hospital will not approve the delivery of meals

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Other families with children staying at the same hospital they are allowed to bring their children whatever food items they like. The actions of the hospital and the Australian court are appalling beyond any shadow of doubt.

is appalling that a small child – only two – (. Mother and Adam are separated) can not see their primary caregiver for not allowing the knowledge of whether there is compliance with health or prosperous, is horrible, and even prevent you from sending healthy food is simply asinine and openly unjust
Adam rights are not different from ours -. and people like simple and parents who must come to help in whatever capacity we can. His story, unfortunately, is not so rare.

The medical mafia and the governments of the “civilized” countries have forced other children to have chemotherapy against their will. Can you imagine the loss of all rights to care for a sick child and having to sit idly by – or in prison? – While the system dictates what is in the best interest of their offspring

The laws clearly need to change. No government should be able to own their children and decide what is right for them – especially in light of child sexual abuse says just come to the surface consisting of members Congress and the UK Parliament. Although there have been complaining for years. Are these really the people we want to make medical decisions about our children?

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The story of Adam has been in the Australian media in which has gained support, but can also help by donating or Adam positive and uplifting comments Facebook.
video evidence of the healing power of cannabis

Note: This text was taken from the site www.naturalsociety.com

Father Faces 20 Years Prison for Treating Daughter’s Cancer with Cannabis Oil

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