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Fact Or Fiction: Does Vitamin B17 Cure Cancer?

Even if you are considered a health conscious person, and know that taking vitamins and regular supplements are an important part of a healthy diet, you probably have not heard of vitamin B17. Although it has been banned by the FDA, most of the medical community believe it has nutritional benefits, and even a possible cure for cancer. Knowing what the FDA does not want you to know about this vitamin …

What is so great about it?

Vitamin B17 is actually part of a vitamin B complex that contains several vitamins B. The complex other vitamins essential for the health of your nervous system B, and energy levels include B12, B6, B2 , and B1. This complex is the amygdala, which is a combination of hydrogen cyanide and glucose. Its scientific name is mandelonitrile D gentiobioside beta, and its antioxidant properties interact with other antioxidants in the body to clean any dangerous or possibly mutated cells.

What can I eat with vitamin B17?

The most potent source of vitamin B17 is apricot mouth, and while this core fruit is extremely difficult, and inedible, there are plenty of foods rich in vitamin B17 that make delicious additions to your diet. Mushrooms are not only great tasting, and delicious in stir-fries and tortillas, which are perfect sources for vitamin B17. If you’re looking for more of a green leafy, chard has a surprising amount of the vitamin, and are delicious when sauteed or served fresh in a salad.

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Turmeric can be a great way to add flavor and vitamin B17 for our next meal. Another great addition food would chia seeds, because in addition to the vitamin, is also rich in protein and fiber, so next time you decide to eat with milk, Greek yogurt, or oatmeal, sprinkle some seeds of chia on the part top of them for a deliciously healthy introduction. However, most potent source vitamin B17 is edible or wheatgrass. Add to juices, smoothies or to make a healthy and refreshing drink.

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