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Eye-Opening Evidence: Baking Soda & Coconut Oil Can Kill Cancer

A woman suffering from skin basal cell carcinoma (located in the crown on the head) cancer was cured after his daughter insisted that it is paste of baking sodium, and apply directly on the area.
his mother resisted at first, but Azizo, a respected writer and advocate of natural medicine, read many articles about people that cured skin cancer using a combination of sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda.

had three surgeries and each time the cancer became even worse. Over time, his mother decided to rely on nature, and started using baking soda and pure cold pressed organic coconut oil instead of water.

thick paste is applied to the affected area, aware of the fact that coconut oil has regenerative powers of the skin cell. He also calculated that coconut oil is an effective complement sodium bicarbonate. She just applied the remedy, without rubbing the affected area.

Polysporin 3 triple antibiotic was the only pharmaceutical Azizo element used, applied only at night. You can use any other antibiotic ointment as a precaution against bacterial infections in the painful area. Colloidal silver soaked cotton could work as well.

Stop using the ointment when the wound is closed. Azizo maintained the application of sodium bicarbonate and coconut oil, served with a cotton ball soaked in vinegar and stuck to the skin. This induced penetration of sodium bicarbonate to basal cell carcinoma roots beyond surface.DMSO skin is another even better solvent for that purpose.

Azizo apply the remedy for 38 days, and his mother was completely free of skin cancer and the wound healed completely. This type of melanoma skin cancer is not fatal as can be, but it continues to extend into the skin until fully cured.

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sodium is regular home they were using, nothing fancy or expensive bicarbonate. Of course, rumors about aluminum baking soda are completely wrong. Baking powder containing aluminum, unless it is labeled free aluminum.

Sodium bicarbonate provides an alkaline environment, and as we discussed, only tumors thrive in acidic environments.

Dramatic Life and Death Story

Vernon Johnston used the Veterans Administration to determine who had prostate cancer stage III. He was recently divorced and low cash. Her cancer metastases in the hip area and soon evolved into stage IV. In several weeks it was supposed to be examined about the therapy he needed to undergo, and one of his sons recommended a few substances that can alcalinizar quickly at a cellular level.
cesium was ordered but never arrived. sodium and molasses bicarbonate is used, instead of maple syrup, so the Trojan horse of sugar would open cells wide cancer and could receive the highly alkaline influence of sodium bicarbonate, which eventually result in destruction of cancer cells.

this remedy and is used two weeks later, his next bone scan resolved any spread of cancer. The PSA was reduced to 1 22-5 over the course of treatment and pharmaceutical prescriptions. Read more about the history of Vernon here.

In addition to treatment, Vernon received a lot of sunlight, made regular breathing exercises in order to increase the supply of oxygen to the affected area of ​​cancer, and switched to a plant-based diet healthier.

Vernon also made a fair share of positive images, and all this is explained in his book, “The Dance of Vernon Cancer: After Shake”. There is a free preview of the book here, and also has the option to buy. The book was written for five years after treatment with alkaline sodium bicarbonate producing original. Vernon gives teachers and five who are in good health does. Five years later he is cancer free.

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“alkaline” is followed by the word “production”. Some alkaline substances do not produce alkalinity in the body, and certain acidic foods, such as limes and lemons, actually become alkaline in the body. To be more precise, not having alkaline water to increase the pH from acid to alkaline. Baking soda is alkaline and produces alkalinity.

Dr. Mark Sircus is an advocate of sodium bicarbonate as a cure for cancer. He wrote a book about the use of sodium bicarbonate in the treatment of cancer and other health conditions called Sodium Bicarbonate -. Full medical examination

A former Italian doctor is now a professional alternative health. a solution of sodium bicarbonate in which blood vessels tumors feet, based on his experience as a cancer surgeon injected.

Dr. Simoncini says that no anti-fungal drug that is more effective and safe sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda. He says that cancer thrives on the fungal colonies, and even colonies of fungi that create cancer. His statement resulted in the removal of your physician certification in Italy.

Sodium bicarbonate deserves more attention and consideration. At least it should be considered as a complementary treatment for serious diseases and a total approach for minor ailments. Embedded links in the article will provide more information
. Source: www.fitbodycenter.net/eye-opening-evidence-baking-soda-coconut-oil-can-kill-cancer/

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