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Experys say picking your nose is not only disgusting but also DANGEROUS

we may be guilty of picking our noses at times.

But the unpleasant habit is not only unpleasant, it is also dangerous.

Dr. Voigt spoke to Business Insider about the dangers of their output common tone.

He explained how the introduction of germs in the nose, such as Staphylococcus aureus, combined with picking can cause abrasions.

As a result, these abrasions “bleed, promotion of germs, increasing the crust and irritation by selecting your nose.”

Dr. Voigt also noted the danger of the activity is that children

He said: “.. children are notorious for picking your nose, and nosebleeds are delivered

“the blood supply to the nose is very strong – there are five arteries leading to the front of the nose (plexus Kiesselbach)”

He added: ” when an abrasion occurs there can be vigorous, children bleeding. induce a lot of nosebleeds like that. “

Are you guilty of the regular nose picking is?

This comes after it was revealed that a very common habit was also to blame for the spread of germs.

double dip, the dipping process of a breadstick or crisp in a bath, take bite and then put the chip offend again to immersion, is often frowned upon in events like bad manners.

[19459002experto] Bu sconfirmed that those who make double dip are the spread of germs and put the health of others at risk.

finding, which was reported in the Sunday Times, found bacteria in the sky rocketed dip if someone had taken a bite of a fresh and re-wet.

Dr. Robert Shmerling, of Harvard University, said that although bacteria depended sauce used, the sauce was the worst offender.

more bacteria than an equivalent accumulates cheese.

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