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Experts warn 'DIY braces' trend can ruin teeth

Dentists are warning parents about the “Braces do it yourself” trend that is emerging in social media.
Hundreds of videos on YouTube show teens that use rubber bands to close the gaps in their teeth, but orthodontists say the results can be detrimental to dental health.
meanwhile, DIY sets sold online to go as low as 2,000 pesos. As expected, those who need support, but not you can afford it, or those who just want to flaunt this rare status symbol easily jump at the chance to have such a cheap series. There are even tutorials uploaded on YouTube on how to apply the brakes on their own, and even on the use of everyday products, such as rubber bands instead of the more expensive dental appliances use.

Those they can not pay visits to the orthodontist are turning to YouTube to find alternative methods to straighten your teeth. That does not mean it is completely out of options if you can not afford to support. Despite warnings (Philippine Dental Association) PDA against using DIY (do it yourself) or self-applied keys, a lot of people are patronizing such products. In a society like ours, where image is everything, braces have become a status symbol. It costs more than 60 thousand when made use of dental clinics, it is not surprising that the brakes have become an indicator of how wealthy a person is.
The doctor can not emphasize enough that a “dental professional needs to assess and properly diagnose both the skeletal and dental profile of each patient in order to prescribe the right treatment plan.”

“After all,” he concludes, “teeth is only 50 percent of what we see inside the patient’s mouth.” Something not readily accomplished by an average person.
emphasizes Dr. Almonte, “the greatest danger would be planned interruption of bone modeling and remodeling. This results in loss of bone mass, which is the mainstay of the tooth structure . “Without proper support of the bone, a tooth may become loose in its socket, or worse, you could even go out on your own.
(Source: TheDailyPedia )

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