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Experts claim that coffee can protect liver from diseases

Experts claim that coffee can protect liver from diseases

It is assumed that there are a lot of problems related to health related to the consumption of a lot of coffee like insomnia or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). However, experts believe they have found the advantages. Drinking coffee every day can reduce the risk of cirrhosis of liver disease, as stated by a meta-analysis recently published nine previous surveys.

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The survey was published last month in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics and took 430,000 out of the 1,990 participants who had cirrhosis, known from previous studies that have sought the relationship between coffee and disease.

Experts from the University of Southampton found that “increased consumption of coffee is, two cups a day was associated with remarkable statistics to reduce the risk of cirrhosis” and lower risk as drinking coffee large.

Furthermore, it was established that one cup a day can reduce the 22%, 44 lower lower% after 2cups coffee, 57% after three cups and a 67% risk of cirrhosis lower after four cups.

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‘Increasing the daily consumption of coffee by two cups a day may reduce the risk of cirrhosis 50% -50%, ‘authors. all studies in the same way were carried out by measuring the consumption of coffee cups and built on participant responses gather interviews or questionnaires.

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Only one of the studies had included the preparation of coffee (boiled or filtered), although consumption was the same in all studies. However, there was the possibility of varieties in the amount of caffeine consumed.

More importantly, experts have not demonstrated precisely how coffee could establish such security. However, they are satisfied that, ‘It is biologically plausible that coffee protects the liver from inflammatory and fibrotic process that can lead to cirrhosis. “

Studies in animals have shown that caffeine (no coffee) can help against toxin-induced liver fibrosis. On the other hand, coffee is composed of different substances with anti-oxidant and anti- inflammatory properties, and substances but also caffeine can help in this process.

However, it is also essential to note that coffee consumption would be ‘do all the work “when it comes to lifestyle uncontrolled. Cirrhosis is also connected to increased consumption of alcohol and obesity.

However, other experts called accurate data reading. For example, Hillel Tobias, a specialist in liver and president of the National Medical Advisory Committee of the American Liver Foundation, announced on CNN that possible misunderstandings of self-reports of patients and statistical errors can lead to failure the survey in practice.

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On the other hand, the study’s lead author, Oliver Kennedy, said it is essential to establish clinical cases before mounting suggestions for the amount of coffee that is good for us. The author also adds that it is important to remember that the benefits of coffee consumption can also be rejected by the cons -. Such as connection to lung cancer and bladder

The Experts say that coffee can protect the liver disease appeared for the first time in Healthy Life Concept .

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