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Exercises To Restore And Strengthen Gluteal Muscles

The following exercise program is only a guide to restore and strengthen the muscles of the buttocks. If you have an injury and suspicion inhibited gluteus I recommend seeking the help of a qualified professional so they can determine what is causing inhibition and adequately correct


Strengthening the connection

Heel Floor Press
1. lay on your back with your knees bent and feet on the fl on the floor in a line with your hips, knees and ankles.

2. Press the heel to the floor and concentrate on the force of contraction in the buttocks. You should first try this side at a time and see if there is any difference in strength. If you feel overworked calves, raise your toes up and heels only press down.

Pelvic Curls
1. lay on your back with your knees bent and feet on the fl on the floor in a line with your hips, knees and ankles.

2. Start the participation of the buttocks as was done earlier in the heel release. Then bring the pubic bone to the sky and continue rolling sequentially through his spine on his shoulders. Make sure you are involved abs so not to arch your lower back.

3. Roll down to the initial position from the top of the column. Be careful not to tighten your shoulders and neck here.

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4. Optional progression: Try one leg extended to the ceiling with a flexed foot. As low hips pull the knee of the extended leg in the chest and then press the copy hips up while the heel of the extended leg is pressed back to the ceiling.

The integration pattern

1. Stand with feet arches aligned with the outside of the hips. Engage your buttocks and legs by performing an action of “corkscrew”, with the participation of leg muscles, keeping your feet firmly planted in one position. Hands may be behind the head to help keep the spine upright.

2. Bend the hips by sending directly behind you. This is the hinge of the hip, an important function to fold correctly. As you continue to send your hips back into space, the use of this hinge hip, keeping the torso in one place so eventually it becomes parallel to the floor in a fl at position backwards instead of collapsing and rounding the spine.


3. Return to the buttocks and legs pushing hips forward to bring the torso back to the starting position vertical.

source: http: //supertastyrecipes.com/

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