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Exercises to Relieve Sciatica and Low Back Pain

Statistics show that back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide work , back pain and one in 10 people experience lower. This is a serious problem, especially in the US, where in ten Americans suffer from back pain. This place back pain in Piedestal, as being the number one reason for addiction to pain relievers.

Back pain treatments are based on opiates, unfortunately, in the US, these drugs have surpassed today cocaine and heroin overdose death.

“if you have back pain and suffer depression or anxiety are at increased risk of opioid abuse and addiction, according to a recent study.”

Newer research suggests that back pain, when combined with depression, increases the risk of drug abuse. Namely, Medical News Today published the results of its study of 55 patients under chronic back suffering from depression or anxiety. During a period of six months, participants were given or oxycodone, morphine, or placebo.

They found that patients with more severe depression and anxiety experienced more side effects, received less relief medications and were more prone to drug addiction.

These patients, compared with those with lower levels of depression or anxiety, 50 percent experienced less improvement in their back pain and opioid abuse more than 75 percent.

This led to the conclusion that it is essential to primarily identify the symptoms of depression and then take opioid painkillers prescribed for back pain, for beneficial effects in these cases are limited, and the risks are much higher.

The most common causes of back pain


In order to be able to prevent its development, it is very important to identify the real cause of back pain. Overall, two thirds of people suffering from back pain attributed to specific accident on the specific day appeared pain, such as lifting a heavy load. Accidents and sports injuries are considered the most common triggers of chronic back pain.

However, the reason for back pain may be the result of other causes, days before the first symptoms, as they appear: fatigue, sex, alcohol, or out of focus in performance of physical tasks, stress, obesity, poor posture and inactivity (especially chronic pain).

how to act in cases of sudden back pain attack

75 to 80 percent of sore back on his own in the course of two to four weeks, according to Epoch Time. However, this time period can be shortened.

Instead of taking prescription painkillers, you should try to take herbs like turmeric, boswellia, and ginger, which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

When you experience sudden back pain, the first thing you should do is relax.

Managing your emotions can be very important in the treatment of back pain step. In cases of depression and anxiety, recovery of the auto body is inhibited. If you suppress your emotions and stress during periods of longer than time, your body becomes more vulnerable at least resistant to injury pain.

The feeling of pain and how to cope with it is controlled by your brain. Any pain at the neural level that lasts more than a few minutes is stored in the central nervous system.

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Moreover, acupuncture and visiting a chiropractor can relieve back pain. You can also benefit from some simple solutions like getting an ice pack and place it over the affected area.

However, back pain can be taken back, even if no more injuries, or be caused by the unusual movement like soft touch. In these cases, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a mind-body technique used to change the behavior of the brain, can be helpful.

back pain Prevention

Preventing back pain is much easier than treatment, since there can do alternatives. There are numerous important tips that can help lead a life free of pain, including:

Correct posture

should mind your posture, especially if you spend many hours each day sitting. Always support your back, and avoid bending awkwardly.

When standing, keep your weight evenly distributed on the feet, and no slouch when standing or sitting to avoid putting strain on the back muscles. In addition, it is necessary to protect your back when lifting – this activity as well as books, puts more strain on the back
You will feel great benefits if training exercises Foundation practiced as they work to pull slowly his body out. patterns of movement that they are suffering. The focus is on strengthening your core, which helps stabilize the spine, the vertebrae, discs and pelvis.

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