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Exclusive digital: different ways to dispose of items instead of throwing them away

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCAU) – According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR), approximately three million tons of garbage end up in Iowa landfills each year. They also stated that most items could avoid the landfill.

The Iowa DNR says that one way some items can avoid the landfill is to recycle the following:

Plastic bags
Pop, cans of alcoholic beverages
Aluminum cans
Old electronic devices

The Iowa DNR mentioned that there are many charity recycling and repair programs for old electronics. One way to do this is through the EcoATM kiosks. Kiosks allow people to leave their old cell phones, tablets and MP3 players and receive a refund with each donation.

Another way to stop sending items to the landfill includes donating old items or recycling them. Upcycling is taking old and used items, such as cereal boxes and creating drawer organizers.

The Iowa DNR said food scraps and junk mail can be used to compost using a compost container.

However, there are some items that should never be thrown away, such as household hazardous materials. These include the following materials:

Multipurpose cleaners
Window cleaners
Wood, polished silver
Paint thinners
Compact fluorescent light bulbs

For more ways to find out what to do with things that should not be thrown in the trash, click here.

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