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Excellent and Top Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

Excellent and Top Home Remedies for Damaged Hair
excellent and Top home remedies for damaged hair

proverb says that hair is a crown. Having damaged hair is very annoying because it shows failing health and ruin the appearance. Several home remedies for damaged hair are able to solve this problem. They are very safe for long-term treatment natural ingredients. The use of chemicals for hair is not recommended for sensitive or critical condition hair.

Signs and causes of damaged hair

Before exploring more about home remedies for damaged hair, it is necessary to know the signs and causes of this problem. most common sign of this disease is hair loss . Normally, hair loss, but not excessively. Other signs are very hard and texture of breakage. The hair is no longer shine and glow. Because hair grows on the scalp, this condition affects the skin on the head. Damaged hair creates itching and discomfort in the scalp. obvious sign of damaged hair is difficult to manage in the right style because it is too rigid and not as flexible as before.

After recognizing one of some signals, the next step is to determine the cause of damaged hair. Several causes influence the condition of damaged hair. In fact, some shampoo contains too much alcohol. The use of this product will ruin the texture of the hair. It could be eaten first or second use, but not for more than three times. You need to replace this product with home remedies for damaged hair. Moreover, the use of soap for the body also causes hair damage. Soap components is proposed for cleansing the body, not the hair. Other causes are weather, heating tools, ultraviolet sunlight, excessive styling, chlorinated water, chemical treatment, and mental state.

Some health problems have bad effect on hair. Malnutrition plays a significant role in the damaged hair due to lack of nutrients in the food and the body. If you take medication as a treatment for certain diseases, the effect could come to the hair such as hypothyroidism. Another factor is heredity. More than two people in the family experience damaged hair, although they are in good health and no sign of disease. In this case, the factor of heredity can reduce the use of home remedies for damaged hair.

You can not expect that home remedies for damaged hair to correct a problem in one night. time and regular treatment to bring back the hair slowly under normal conditions is needed. In this article, are ten natural ingredients to repair damaged hair. You can easily find at a local store or already in your kitchen. Most of them are familiar and common name in hair problem.

Ten essential remedies for damaged hair

1. Olive oil

Olive oil has been known as an excellent raw material in home remedies for hair damaged. It contains antioxidants and vitamin E to induce consolidation in the hair coat. the cuticle is sealed into the hair with moisture. sign damaged hair dry conditions, even washing using shampoo. Olive oil can be used as separate ingredients for hair treatment or may be combined with others. For the hair shafts and scalp, which heat the olive oil. Apply on hair and scalp. Spread evenly and gently massage. Wait a few minutes until dry. Use a warm towel to cover the hair. Take shampoo and water to rinse hair oil. Apply this treatment once or twice a week.

Another method of applying olive oil as home remedies for damaged hair is by mixing it with honey. Heat the two ingredients together. Olive oil is ¼ and ½ cup honey. Reapply on the hair and scalp. Wait half an hour until the liquid is slightly dry. Use warm water to rinse your hair then apply shampoo herbal.

2. Avocado

avocado contains compounds essential to solve damaged hair. It has proteins, fats, natural oil, and fatty acids. By using this ingredient as hair treatment, it can feel hydrated scalp and hair. In applying long, avocado can act as shield hair to keep free radicals out of the hair. This ingredient is definitely part of the home remedies for damaged hair.

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To apply the avocado, you can follow this recipe. Take ripe avocado and mix with olive oil. Mix both ingredients until a smooth texture, which resembles a paste. Apply this paste on the hair and massage gently. Wait 40 minutes to an hour. Use hot water to wash this paste. alternative method is the combination of avocado, egg yolk and coconut milk. Make paste them all. After that, apply on hair and massage evenly. Wait until an hour and use warm water to rinse. Both treatments can be applied once a week regularly.

3. Egg

The next ingredient of home remedies for damaged hair is the egg. People use egg because it contains rich protein, fatty acids, and mineral. The egg is able to nourish the hair and bring back the shiny appearance. Certain enzyme in the white section of the egg can clean the hair and increase the texture of the skin on the scalp. Take one or two eggs then stir until mixed white and yellow pages. Apply to hair and massage gently. You may feel uncomfortable because of the sticky fit and strong odor. Use shower cap to cover and wait for fifteen to twenty minutes. Use cold water to rinse and shampoo to use the cleaner. Another way is the combination of egg, yogurt, and almond oil. Mix all and apply on hair. Wait half an hour away from washing with cold water.

4. Aloe Vera

When speaking of damaged hair, you can not ignore the Aloe Vera. It is popular ingredient in home remedies for damaged hair. You can find aloe vera as the main ingredient in many beauty products and hair care. However, these products have chemical compound to improve the result. Better use aloe vera directly.

To apply aloe vera as home remedies for damaged hair, you can take your license and make a choice. Apply directly to the hair and scalp. Spread evenly over the hair and massage slowly. Wait for about fifteen minutes and then wash off with warm water. Another recipe is the combination of three ingredients. You can mix the Aloe Vera, coconut oil and natural yogurt. Stir until dough become. Next procedure is similar to previous treatment. Both methods can be applied on a daily basis to get the best result in hair.

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5. Coconut oil

earlier ingredients of home remedies for damaged hair, already mentioned coconut oil. It contains both nutrients to nourish the hair. Coconut oil can penetrate the hair shaft and then to prevent cuticle to be depraved. The use of coconut oil as a natural treatment will increase healthy condition of the hair and scalp. You can use coconut oil every day. Heat the oil and put in her hair. Let this liquid to remain in the hair in one night. In the morning, you can wash your hair with warm water and add mild shampoo. Besides being used as a separate ingredient, coconut oil is good to be mixed with others. Try coconut oil and honey. Mix thoroughly to obtain the mixture. Add on hair and rub gently. Wait for about thirty minutes and then rinse with water. This treatment can be applied twice or three times a week.

6. Banana

Bananas are the fruit with ability to bring the body in health. Home remedies for damaged hair, banana is used externally. Banana contains potassium, vitamins, moisture and natural oils. It is able to improve the elasticity and strength of hair. Take ripe banana and apply directly on the hair. This treatment is simple since you only need one hour. Another method is the combination of several ingredients. Banana mixture with coconut oil, olive oil and honey. Mix to look like paste. Apply to hair again and wait about thirty minutes. Use hot water to wash and clean water. Add the herbal shampoo to increase the result. This treatment can be carried out twice a week.

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7. Hibiscus

This ingredient can not familiar but very effective in curing damaged hair. Hibiscus is able to seal the cuticle on the hair and add moisture to help shine. Heat the olive oil hibiscus. Wait until cool before applying to the hair. Massage gently and wait a few minutes. After that, washed with water. You can try hibiscus flower petal and water. Mix and apply hair again. Wait for about twenty minutes and then rinse with warm water. Use this treatment regularly every week to get the excellent result.

8. The black tea

One of the home remedies for damaged hair is black tea. It has polyphenols and vitamins for hair shine and brightness. It also keeps the hair soft and smooth. Moreover, the black tea may protect hair from UV rays and free radicals. The black tea is based on popular and widely used herbs to drink. Black tea and boiling water. Wait ten minutes and add jasmine oil in this herbal. Wait again until completely cool. Apply this as herbal shampoo. Use fresh water to rinse after use. It would be better if you wait ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing this thing.

9. Honey

Honey has been long used as home remedies for damaged hair does. It is very sticky and contains moisture to maintain healthy hair. Honey increases the appearance of hair softer, shiner. Previous remedies incorporate honey as an ingredient. Mix raw honey and water. Stir until well combined. It can be used warm water. Apply on the hair and scalp and then massage gently. Wait for twenty to thirty minutes. Use warm water to clean. This treatment can be applied to twice or three times a week.

Another application of honey as home remedies for damaged hair is combined with olive oil, yogurt, or coconut oil. Add honey with one and mix to a paste. Reapply the hair and cover it using shower cap. Wait for twenty minutes. Rinse water use. Please note that honey is able to make lighter hair. After obtaining a proper result, change treatment with other ingredients.

10. White vinegar

White vinegar is well known for hair treatment. It can reduce the effect of damaged hair and provide good hair condition. A similar to other ingredients in home remedies for damaged hair as white vinegar is able to seal the cuticle. You can also keep the pH level of the scalp. Other capabilities are increasing hair shiny effect and keep the hair in the soft texture. Mix white vinegar and water. Use this mixture to rinse the hair. Wait for five to ten minutes. Rinse again with warm water. Apply this treatment every week.

All ingredients are based on nature. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the side effects. While the amount of ingredient is in normal state, the result will come soon. Of course, home remedies for damaged hair are not the magical work. As noted above, you need to take time and effort to get the result you want.


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