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Everything Your Trainer Didn’t Tell You About HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workout

Interview (high intensity interval training) is training offered twice the benefits of regular training plan in half the time – that sounds like the Holy Grail of weight loss! You no longer have to worry about skipping the gym just because you had to work late – you can simply put in a quick half an hour and do with it. If all this sounds a little too good to be true, it’s because it is!

HIIT is an excellent workout routine and does require less time than the routine of average fitness but many fitness experts say that HIIT is not a quick fix. Urmi Kothari of Kinetic be is a certified physical fitness trainer, Celebrity Stott Pilates experts, IFAA certificate with over 10 years of experience; here are their unique perspectives on what you need to know before taking up Interview.

8 things you need to know before starting a HIIT training

1. Interview is not for beginners fitness

Best it is simply defrauding the strip .; if you have low fitness levels, HITT is not for you! But do not give up Interview; instead start working towards it.

2. High intensity is not as important as performing exercises correctly

You can force yourself to do a hundred pushups but if not done properly, is not going to reap the benefits .; What’s worse is that you could actually damage your muscles.

3. It is not healthy that can do more than 30 minutes of HIIT.

Your body is not a mathematical formula which assumes that an hour of HIIT will give you double the benefits of a workout of 30 minutes. HIIT is high intensity so 30 minutes is enough to push your body to the limit without going over the edge.

4. 30 minutes HIIT burns more than 60 minutes of low intensity cardio

calories are burned during any type of training .; However, HIIT session will increase your resting metabolic rate for 24 hours or more. This means that you continue to lose more calories throughout the day.

5. Interview should not be done on a daily basis.

HIIT is the most rigorous training that can suffer and takes a huge physical toll on your body. time to recover, repair and rebuild muscle tissue is needed. Do not exceed 2 -. 3 sessions a week Interview

6. A structured warm up before HIIT is necessary

Your warm-up should be divided into 3 phases :. The first phase is to raise the body temperature, the second is to carry out a general mobilization and dynamic stretching, and the third phase is to make the mobility of specific training, followed by muscle activation and central nervous system to increase flexibility muscular.

7. From Interview before reaching the optimal level of fitness will lead to injury.

The fact that you have been exercising every day for a month, does not mean it is ready to take Interview. The duration and type of exercise will determine your fitness levels and if your body is not ready for it, may suffer from muscle pulls or even break your tendons.

8. It is necessary to work out on days that does not have a HIIT session.

complete inactivity will make your muscles stiff. The exercise in the days between sessions – this “active recovery” may include running, cycling or any other form of low-intensity exercise

You need to follow a special diet Interview. ?

is not necessary to follow any specific diet plan, but must follow a healthy and balanced diet. Limit consumption of all packaged foods – especially cookies and other packaged snacks that are marketed as “healthy foods “. Appetizers like mutters / kurmura, appeared jowar / dhani and makhana / lotus seeds are healthy packaged chips and fried chivdas alternatives.

August 10, 2016

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