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Everything You Need To Know About PV Sindhu’s Diet & Workout Regime

As a nation, we have fallen in love with your racquet skills and are in absolute fear of his performance in the final 83 minutes of gripping ribs at # Rio2016 – but there is much more than the glory of silver this brilliant lady

success story of this 21-year-old on the court dates to when she! everything was just 8 years old and met his coach, Pullela Gopichand. Here’s everything you want to know about fitness plan journal history maker.


fitness decoding PV Sindhu Routine

While Gopichand is the mentor of Sindhu in what refers to his trade court, his game plan fitness is in the hands of his physiotherapist, Kiran Challagundla. He stressed the importance of constant monitoring of their eligibility requirements by evaluating the composition of blood, body weight and heart rate. This gave a clear understanding of how to adjust your nutrition supplements to compensate for any deficiency. “Sindhu is a tall girl. For her balance and exercises stability are essential. The routine has to keep changing and tweak each week. Graduate load is the key,” Kiran Hindustan Times said. He also talked about the importance of the leg days to build endurance and strength! “We do different things. Like two or three sets of ten races of 400 meters or 2.4 kilometers from execution. Some days, we pushed for a race of 10 km. The point is to keep the varied training and not let the body gets used to it and therefore stops growing “

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Diet decoding PV Sindhu

you must have read enough articles on your timeline speakers prohibition coach Gopichand junk food and sweets diet Olympic star, but has some solid reasons instead: “sugar hinders recovery, which causes inflammation for any champion it is essential to eat. what you see, “says Gopichand.

There is a constant supervision and every meal is measured out. “One of the challenges we have with Sindhu is that your appetite is much lower. We monitor every meal and give high-calorie food when she does not feel hungry enough,” says Kiran. That perhaps is the reason why places such importance on supplements “. Even during the Games has been conducted three types of nutritional supplements in your bag These range – high-energy, protein-based or induce recovery”

When the queen is in the field

“His daily schedule is composed of three sessions, with the. first starting at 4 am. it continues until 6.30am or 7 am. We return about eight for a couple of hours group session. Then it’s back again at 11 for an hour and a half. at night she has a gym session and a track or gym and run the session. “So how many hours a day is that? “Six to seven hours a day, six days a week.”

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is your mind = blown yet? Wait, there’s more to come! In addition to the above, Sindhu so does at least 100 pushups and 200 sit-ups every day, and abdominal routines about 3 times a week.

Kiran also speaks of the importance of recovering the use of yoga. “There are three bits for recovery. Post-practice night and then next morning. It consists of active recovery, which is yoga (breathing exercises, and special pranayama ), sleep, relax in the pool and fitness light. “says Kiran.

Woah! This is an extensive routine! Now we know – Champions are not made in a day. years of relentless discipline and mentorship to go out and conquer cutting needed! Congratulations to Sindhu and everyone else who has supported the lady of the hour

This article was first published in Hindustan Times

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August 22, 2016

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