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Every Finger is Connected with 2 Organs: Japanese Curing Methods (About 5 Minutes)!


Have you ever heard that each finger can heal two organs of your body? Jin Shin Jitsu is a method used in the Japanese healing technique. Not only this, but can also help balance your emotions with just pressed a point on the finger, which is the stimulus for excitement.

This is a simple and easy to use to maintain the health and protection of the disease alternative treatment. These highlights fingers control the flow of energy in the body and determine the physical and emotional health of your body.


Select your finger on the corresponding organ that needs treatment. Press firmly with the other hand for at least 5 minutes. You should also breathe deeply while pressing and massaging the finger relative to the body. Do the same with the other hand. If you do this for about 5 minutes on each finger, it encourages good state of all its organs.

Consider the organs connected with each finger

1. middle finger
organ: liver and bitter yolky
Emotional: .. The frustration, anger, lack of attention and concentration
Physical :. forehead pain, headache, fatigue, menstrual pain and circulatory problems

2. ring finger
Organs :. Intestine and lungs
emotional :. Pessimism, sadness and fear
Physical :. skin problems, asthma, digestive problems and respiratory diseases

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3. Thumb
Organs :. Spleenwort and stomach
emotional :. Anxiety and depression problems
Physical: skin problems, stomach pain, nervousness and headache


4. The index
Organs :. urinary bladder and kidney
Emotional: Confusion, fear, disappointment
Physical :. Muscle and back pain, toothache and digestion issues


5. Meñique
Organs :. small intestine and heart
emotional :. Issues of self-confidence and anxiety
Physical :. bone problems, heart problems and sore throat

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