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Ever See A Purple Butterfly Sticker by A Newborn? Here`s What You Need To Know

was time to spread awareness

When Millie Lewis and his partner discovered she was pregnant with twins, they could not have been more delighted. The twins ran in the family of Millie and it was exciting to bring your own pair of babies in the world! But just as they were about to savor the good news, doctors told them their unborn children suffer from a condition called anencephaly. Anencephaly causes a minor part of the brain to develop and most babies generally do not reach or shortly after birth.

Indeed, Millie and Lewis lost one of the twins, Skye, shortly after her emergency caesarean. They were absolutely crushed, but new parents gathered around their surviving daughter, Callie – enjoying its beauty. That’s when another mother in the NICU Millie said something that made he began to mourn, explained to Babble.

“How lucky you do not have twins ….”

That little comment sent Millie ran from the room, sobbing uncontrollably. She would give anything to have her two little girls!


he had to be a way to stop this accidental offense type parents suffering the loss of a baby during a multiple birth occurs. It was then that the idea of ​​the label purple butterfly came to Millie!

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Now, both Lewis and Millie are attentive to raise awareness for their cause, aptly named the “high Skye Foundation.” Purple butterflies have appeared in NICU units worldwide thanks to your hard work!

Growing From Help

Although they know they can not bring back Skye, they know they can help other parents who are going through the same thing – and that makes it more than worth


Millie Lewis and did not want anyone else to experience the anguish they were forced to face such a young age. The brave couple even has started a page of crowdfunding to raise money for families in similar situations!

Spending time with family

For now, Lewis and Millie are enjoying every second with Callie before their health deteriorates, too. She is getting all the love and hugs a newborn can handle!

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