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Even Doctors Are Shocked: Coconut Oil Kills 93% Of Cancer Cells In The Colon!

Colon cancer is one of the best known and most widespread cancer, despite the fact that there are many natural remedies that keep this insidious disease, types of health services consider that there are no adequate studies to support this fact.

Unfortunately, science today is still the most important in the pharmaceutical industry and most of the research is founded by companies pharmaceutical and often focus on their economic benefit, not the health.

But this does not mean that there are no outstanding and carried out important research published in journals with strong influence.

Researchers at the University of Australia found that lauric acid (50% present in coconut oil) can destroy over 93% of the cells of colon cancer in the human body for 48 hours after treatment .

lauric acid cancer cells so damaged, meanwhile oxidative anxiety caused to them. Lauric acid also can be found in breast milk and representing the unsaturated fat that strengthens the immune system and also have antimicrobial properties.

The latests research has shown that fat coconut oil, other than cancer could be useful in treating and preventing osteoporosis, disease gallbladder, diabetes, Crohn’s disease and viral diseases such as hepatitis C and herpes.

Furthermore, it is shown that coconut oil may reduce side effects of chemotherapy and improve quality of life in cancer patients

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Source :. realnaturecare.com

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