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Essential Oils for Anxiety Treatment

A state of inner turmoil accompanied by a nervous behavior is termed as anxiety. It is worried about the prospect of a potential threat. Anxiety before an exam, interview, tests, etc., is quite normal, but when it manifests and interferes with the normal activity of an individual can be a problem. That could become an anxiety disorder. During anxiety people experience restlessness, muscle tension, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, etc.

People are often more concerned about the symptoms of anxiety and increased heart rate, stomach pain, difficulty breathing, feeling weak or strange. Anxiety is quite normal, because it is a system in the body that allows an individual to face a real danger or perform better in certain situations.

Essential-oils-for-anxiety-and-Essential-oils-Uses Anxiety is not a dangerous problem or that last forever. There are several types of anxiety disorders such as panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias and generalized anxiety disorder.

Some of the symptoms of anxiety include:

Increase heart rate
There is a greater circulation blood and oxygen to the major muscle groups in the body. This is the body system gears up to face the danger.

Shortness of breath :.
When anxiety strikes, one can experience difficulty breathing

Stomach upset :.
There is a feeling of upset stomach or diarrhea, as the body shuts down the system is not necessary for survival or danger and digestion is one of them

This is another symptom, what you have when anxious. This helps cool the body, but it makes your hands slippery.

slight lightheadedness
The body feels weak, as much of the circulation of blood and oxygen passes into the major muscle groups of the body. There is a slight decrease in blood flow to the brain.

: Heavy legs.
The legs seem to feel heavy, as there is a greater flow of blood to the legs

Essential oils:

Essential oils are extracted from most therapeutic components and powerful plant. It is the power of odors in our mind and body that relieve the aches and pains us. Essential oils are highly concentrated oils from trees, grasses, plants, seeds, fruits and flowers. The molecular size of the oil is so tiny that they can transmit nutrients and oxygen within minutes in the body’s cells, even if they are damaged or diseased.

The oils have protective, curative and regenerative properties. Oils must be diluted before they are applied to the skin, with carrier oils such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil or almond oil since they are highly concentrated and volatile. Essential oils when mixed together, they become more powerful and effective.

More than four hundred varieties of essential oils are available, but only a few generals are in regular use. They are flammable and can be damaged by light, moisture, air and extreme temperatures.

In order to produce about one liter of essential oil, one hundred kilos of plant is processed. The cost of essential oil therefore depends on the performance. The extracted oil is adulterated and non-chemical is used throughout the course of extraction. This pure oil not less than three years from the date of bottling hard.

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essential for anxiety Oil

essential oils can be used as an alternative therapy to treat anxiety. These essential oils can be used for massage, inhalation or during bathing to remove one of anxiety. Some of the popular essential oils for anxiety include:


Essential-oils-for-anxiety-Lavender-Oils This lavender essential oil has therapeutic benefits. It helps to relax and calm the mind. It helps the problem of insomnia. When inhaled, the activity of (the root of anxiety) slows down fast brainwaves and exchanges with the activity of alpha brain waves slow.


Essential-oils-for-anxiety-Frankincense-Oil This incense essential oil has a comforting and reassuring property. It is an instant mood. It helps relieve tension and fear. It also helps slow breathing accelerates during anxiety attacks. This helps clear the mind of obsessive thoughts about the traumatic past.


Essential-oils-for-anxiety-Lemon-Essential-Oils For fast anxiety relief, it would be good to use the essential oil of lemon. This oil helps relieve depression and anxiety of daily life. It helps you keep a clear mind that helps increase concentration. It also helps in clarifying ideas and agents making quick decisions. It is an essential oil antibacterial and therefore has many physical benefits also.

orange wild:

Essential-oils-for-anxiety-Wild-Orange-Oils This essential oil is an excellent source of antioxidants. Lowers levels of cortisol therefore helps reduce anxiety. Reduces pain and calms the mind. Breathing in oil calms the nerves and improves concentration.

Ylang Ylang:

Essential-oils-for-anxiety-Ylang-Ylang-Essential-Oil This essential oil is known for balancing the chakras solar plexus and sacrum. Relaxation helps to ward off sadness, anxiety and chronic stress. It also helps in relieving pain.


Essential-oils-for-anxiety-Spikenard-Essential-Oil This is a rare and spicy essential oil. It helps to achieve inner peace by promoting peace of mind. It helps to achieve emotional balance by releasing the tensions of the day.


Essential-oils-for-anxiety-Cypress-Essential-Oils This essential oil helps to calm the mind and soothe her. It helps fight fatigue and exhaustion and anxiety. It also helps to increase confidence in the individual.

The combination of essential oils for anxiety:

Some essential oils can be mixed together to become more powerful and effective. Some of them are useful in the treatment of anxiety disorders and relax the mind.

This is a wonderful mix of Howood, spruce, blue tansy and incense. It acts as a nerve tonic and a good mood. essential oil reduces stress balance by creating a sense of wellbeing.

This is a mixture of various essential oils like lemon, bay leaf, mint, eucalyptus, cardamom seeds, ravensara and melaleuca leaf. This versatile mix is ​​good for various respiratory problems. It helps better breathing and calms the mind during anxiety attacks.

This essential oil is a blend of lavender, sandalwood, Elemi, Melissa, ylang ylang, tangerine, lemon myrtle and osmanthus. This is a good mixture to cure anxiety and stress. It has a great sense of smell and is also known as “cheerful”.

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Benefits of using essential oils for anxiety:
No side effects: Most people look pills pop into your mouth to relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. However, such anxiety is not dangerous problem. It can be treated without prescription drugs.

Alternative treatments are better and cheaper for the treatment of diseases and problems like this option. Aromatherapy using essential oils is one of the best ways to treat anxiety and its disorders. Unlike prescription drugs, these essential oils are very safe and do not cause any side effects.

aromatherapy works in a cell phase for the treatment of all disturbing confusion related to anxiety. The essential oil is mixed with carrier oils can be inhaled, massage, or put in your bathroom to effectively treat anxiety.

easily absorbed by the body:
Essential oils have small molecules, which penetrate the cell membranes of the body easily. They have the ability to affect every cell in the body within 20 minutes, as they are metabolized by the same. Essential oils are lipid soluble and are easily absorbed into the bloodstream therefore, the results are much faster.

Rubbing a little essential oil in your hand and smell it helps relieve anxiety within minutes. A few drops in a hot bath can also help calm nerves and calm the mind and body.

Many of the health benefits of another:
Essential oils are manifold. They have many health benefits. They not cure an ailment but only work in the body as a whole. Essential oils can cure minor ailments such as stress, major diseases such as cancer.

A small amount of essential oil is sufficient to cure many problems. They stimulate both physically and psychologically. Some essential oils are anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-parasitic, anti-microbial and anti-infective.

The aroma can be soothing and very calming. Inhale the scent is all that prevails. aromatic stimuli of the limbic system helps to release pain-reducing enkephalin, neurotransmitters, endorphins that produce pleasure, not adrenaline stimulating and relaxing serotonin. They are potent antibacterial and anti-oxidants that increases the nutrients and oxygen into the body. The essential oil can be used in humans, domestic animals and cleaning, etc.

Essential oils are the best treatment for anxiety, stress and tension. Anxiety is not a serious problem requiring any major treatment. The use of essential oils in aromatherapy, or a diffuser helps calm the mind and relieve any tension and anxiety you have. In fact, the use of essential oils for anxiety is a cheaper and safer method for treating the problem. It also helps to cure various diseases and promotes physical and psychological well-being.

Today there are hundreds of outlets or aromatherapy centers around the world where you can find a massage or treatment for anxiety. Essential oils are also available free and can be used as a home remedies for stress, tension and anxiety.


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