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Equinox And Equilux: Finding Balance

Often we get caught up in this hectic life, you tend to forget or ignore pull back to ourselves and give us a moment to think and relax. If you include eating together, go to bed early, avoiding controversial subject to discuss in their daily lives, would help you feel better and live qualitatively. Learn more about how you can live a balanced life ..

The autumn equinox, when the Sun enters Libra tropical. Technically, we have the same amount of light as dark on this day.

opens his hand and closes, opens and closes.
If ever there was a fist or always stretched open,
would paralyzed.
deeper His presence
is in every small contract and expand
both as well balanced and coordinated
like wings of birds.

~ Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Rumi, born with Sun in Libra, is a beautiful embodiment of this energy of balance and harmony – appreciating our need to harmonize with the cycles of life so we can take a step back in activity and restore our energies in this period of slight decline. Do not! We act as if we have no choice in the matter, and rarely questioned that assumption.

Ayurveda teaches us to live together with the energy of each season, and shows us how to adapt our daily diet and routines for the time of day, time and seasons. Far from being complicated, it is profoundly wise in its simplicity!

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When there is less light, more sleep. When it’s cold outside, eat food heated. When nature provides an abundance of certain foods locally, they feed mainly on that. Avoid extremes of temperature to keep happy kidneys. Cover the neck, wrists, ankles and lower back when it’s cold, like her grandmother said. Easy peasy. If you are lethargic and wanting to eat too much, take a walk to your local café and enjoy a cup of coffee or green or black tea to balance Kapha. Or maybe you get irritable and impatient, and the need to balance Pitta with a large bunch of grapes muscat sweet.

Some ways that can help

As adults and parents, we need to model to our children what we intend to do – a life of less stress and struggle, more ease and joy. Each day offers an opportunity to do this in a simple, small way. Going to bed early, at least a couple of days a week is a good start. Eating a nutritious meal together, calmly, avoiding controversial topics of conversation or even maintaining a silence just relaxed chew more; avoid over-programming or micro-management life; take time to really enjoy recreation unscheduled, maybe a walk in a park or forest … any of these things are going to improve their welfare, by increasing awareness.

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your yoga practice must also adapt to the season, taking time to move smoothly and warm the body, making relaxation practices and promoting ojas to maintain its intense energy through the climate change autumn . His practice becomes more integrated and real when a moment to observe what you really need to keep your body in balance, unlike what you want to do, or do you take regularly.

We are all wise, when we take the time to listen to our wise person inside. Explore your inner wisdom as a way to find a better balance in your life, and if you want support in doing so, join us for the live course carefully, or a yoga class when you can.

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