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Energy Saving Light Bulbs: The Death Over Our Heads! Video

Although suggested to replace the traditional bulbs with energy saving ones, experts warn that the light bulbs are dangerous and should be used rarely.
However, the EU restricts the production of classic bulbs, promotion of energy saving light bulbs. Therefore, we ask what is the right to the final decision.

These light bulbs save energy, but do not save your life.
Berlin researchers say that these bulbs are very harmful. They contain phenol, naphthalene and composition that is dangerous and carcinogenic during long-term exposure.
Through the airways, phenol gets inside the body, impairing its function and cardiac output.
At the University of Haifa in Israel, researchers anouncced that these light bulbs increase the number of women suffering from breast cancer due to interruption of production of the hormone melatonin in the body.
Also, there are warnings that low-energy bulbs can cause problems migraine and skin.
expert Anders Kirchner says that these lights produce “Electric Mist” and is therefore to be used only in well-ventilated areas and away from the head.
are composed of mercury!
If a light collapses, should be very careful, because mercury can leave. Usually, most of the mercury remains in the bulb, and that small part that goes into the air is not dangerous, experts say.

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Here are some tips in case of breakage of the bulb:

– Open the windows to ventilate the room
-. You have to gently clean the place with a damp cloth that later you can throw in a plastic bag
-. With the tape clean broken glass and pouring it into a plastic bag
-. should not discharge the waste into a container. In this case it is necessary to be released in a place that is used for hazardous waste.

In all Member States, the European Union banned the traditional sale of 100 and 75 watt bulbs and this month the 60-watt bulbs will be “removed”. At the end of the year they will be prohibited 40 and 25 watt bulbs.




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