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Eliminate Urinary Tract Infection With This Powerful Home Remedy


Everyone who ever suffered from a urinary tract infection will tell persistent and painful this condition can be. This infection is usually accompanied by a constant and urgent need to urinate, but nothing comes out when you urinate, and a terrible combination of pain and pressure in the lower abdomen. Even when they manage to urinate feel a burning sensation, painful sensation. When you are suffering from IU you feel tired or weak and your urine becomes cloudy, dark, bloody and strange smell.

Why IU happen?

When you are suffering from a urinary tract infection in most cases is caused by the bacterium E. coli. He thing with this bacteria is that it acts like a boomerang, just when you think you’ve got rid of it does not come back again. When you are dealing with conventional medications you may develop a resistance to some medications you are using and your body will lose the battle. To remove this uncomfortable infection without resorting to drugs and pills this natural homemade remedy can do the trick. It is made from 4 natural ingredients, each with powerful features, which combined together make a potent natural antibiotic.


  • 250gr. parsley roots
  • 250gr. Lemons (with shell)
  • 250gr. honey
  • 200ml. olive oil


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Chop the parsley roots and lemons and then put all the ingredients in a blender. When all the ingredients you get a thick paste that can be poured into a jar and keep in the fridge mix. Eating a tablespoon in the morning and after consuming the entire amount check your urine and see improvement immediately.

Tips for better results:

is better if you buy organic honey and lemons for this remedy. If you can not find organic lemons to soak in a bowl of cold water with a little baking soda. After a few minutes rinse thoroughly. Parsley roots should be thoroughly rinsed well.

What else can you do in order to prevent recurrent UTI?

  • Drink more water – Although this does not sound like a remedy drink plenty of water is the most important thing to do to keep your bladder healthy. Water can help eliminate bacteria so you should drink as much water as possible in order to accelerate the washing process.
  • Empty your bladder regularly – postpone never go to the bathroom and not hold urine in the bladder. This only allows bacteria to multiply faster eve. Regular visits to the bathroom decrease their number and reduce the chances of larger infections.
  • Drink tea parsley – Parsley is a natural diuretic and while the healing process is accelerated. Prepare a tea of ​​dried parsley and consume regularly.
  • cucumbers bite – Since they contain a lot of water this vegetable is ideal for cleaning the bladder. They provide cucumbers eating plenty of fluids in your body and allow you to remove bacteria faster.
  • heat your lower abdomen – When you are suffering pain UI does not appear only when you urinate, but cause pain and constant discomfort. In order to ease your pain and relax muscles cramping can be heated lower abdomen by placing a hot water bottle or heating.
  • Drink cranberry juice – Cranberry juice is often used as prevention against urinary tract infection, but contrary to popular belief cranberry does not help eliminate E. coli. Help in preventing new buildup of bacteria on the walls of the bladder.
  • Avoid chocolate, caffeine and citrus – They cause bladder irritation and help bacteria easily penetrate. Citrus fruits can increase the acidity in the urine and painful urination do more.
  • source: http: //fromhealthyfoodtohealthylife.com/
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