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Egg-Yoghurt Hair Pack a Home Remedy

Do you know that our hair is composed primarily of protein? Yes, it’s true and that’s why the best treatment for hair care that we can use is the treatment of protein. There are plenty of commercial products available in the market and lounges protein whose main ingredient. The use of these products at home or go to salons can be very expensive. These products may also contain other substances that may cause any damage or have undesirable results.

There are also many home remedies that can be used for hair care. You can easily go for a home remedy that has protein as the main ingredient. Protein helps in repairing damage to your hair and also promote the growth of health. Arising have a healthy, shiny hair. The role of the protein in improving the appearance of your hair is no coincidence. Here I will tell you about a hair pack rich protein that can be done at home. Ie egg and yogurt hair pack. Eggs contain lots of protein and very effective in moisturizing the hair. Here is the video showing the method of preparing this package of amazing hair.

egg-Yogurt pack hair a home remedy

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