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Effective ways to get rid of acne scars

the good news is that irritating pimple on the cheek is gone. The bad news is that it has left a scar that bothers simply will not go away. What to do? lists the various options that can be chosen depending on the severity of acne scars.

The fact is that acne scars or acne affect nearly 85% of men and women in his life. And the scars will take much longer to disappear than the grains themselves. But fear not, dermatologic technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds, giving dermatologists many tools to get rid of those scars.

The details of the most effective options are presented – from softer to louder -. To help eradicate your acne marks

Topical retinoids

retinoids are derivatives of vitamin a and include tretinoin, retinol, adapalene and retinol palmitate. These are applied to the skin every night and work to treat and prevent acne, scars and marks. Usually, these retinoids begin to show results after 3 months, which requires a lot of patience. And, the fact is that retinoids not help with deep scars. However, they are very effective and are good drugs to continue long term to prevent further occurrence of acne.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels involve using ingredients that cause a chemical peel strengthening the upper layers of the skin. The only real side effects are slightly redness and some scaling of the skin. Now, while this procedure is very soft, superficial peels are less effective than other surface treatments, chemical peels because normally only affected the upper layers, while the scars tend to be deeper than that. To counter that, go to a dermatologist with experience who knows how to medium-depth peels to ensure those scars are treated. In general, the shells are the cheapest option for treatment, but many sessions and a lot of time will be needed to achieve the desired results.


Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation made by a dermatologist, either using a diamond tip or aluminum oxide crystals with suction. It works by removing the top layer of dead skin cells, but with different levels of aspiration, you can get a deeper level of exfoliation. This procedure can really help get rid of superficial scars, but it takes at least 10-12 sessions to really get the full effect.


ablative lasers factional are the option more effective available. In essence, they act by delivering a laser beam is divided into small columns and enters the skin. In each of these columns, the old skin cells are removed, while new skin cells and collagen synthesis increases. Therefore, the skin is stimulated to cure naturally, revealing less marked, tighter skin and fresher. These treatments are typically given once a month, once to four sessions, depending on the severity and depth of the scars.

Overall, a good dermatologist will be able to steer you in the right choice for you, and also be able to combine treatments for you to get the results faster. Make sure you get your treatment done by a professional so that you too can have clear skin without scars.

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