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Effective Home Remedies To Expel Intestinal Parasites And Amoebas. Do not miss it!

know amoebas live in water, but there may also be in the intestines. Intestinal parasites and amoebas, are small organisms are commonly kept within us, and feed on our own bodies to survive. Without a doubt, this type of parasites can be very unpleasant, harmful to our health.


Natural remedies to eliminate parasites and amoebae:

ONION TO ELIMINATE AMOEBAE : Cut an onion in some parts, and bring it to a jar with half a glass of water. Leave overnight and in the morning liquefy the mixture and add a little honey. While it may be a little palatable remedy, we assure you that if you take every day for a month, amoebas inside your body will be removed.

papaya seeds for expelling intestinal parasites : Obtain a handful of papaya seeds to liquefy with a little water for a few seconds. Add the papaya pulp in the mixer and mixed for a few seconds. Take this powerful natural remedy to expel intestinal parasites for a week, every night before going to sleep (you can sweeten with honey).

Castor oil is to kick intestinal parasites : Every night before going to bed, drink a glass of warm milk with two tablespoons of castor oil. Follow this for a week at a time, and we assure, will remove all intestinal parasites inside your body, plus eggs and larvae left by them.

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lemon seeds for intestinal parasites expulsion : Take 3 or 4 lemon seeds, and mash with a spoon until a paste forms. Now they mix them with a glass of water and a little lemon juice. Drink this preparation twice a day for a week to expel all parasites from your body.

follow any of these natural treatments, and I assure you that in a matter of days, you may have gotten rid of amoebas and parasites inside your body.

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