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Effective Home Remedies For Acidity

There are several home remedies for heartburn. It is a good idea for any victim of heartburn to ensure you know what they are. Despite the things we eat are the usual culprits for a startup, sometimes really surprised by what triggers it. The big news is that most of these home remedies are commonly in hand, and are very inexpensive.


burning in the throat or stomach

Bad breath

eats food feels ‘stuck’

excessive burping

bitter mouth


weight loss

Pressure in the chest


Vomit -. If there is blood, seek medical attention, as this could indicate a serious problem

An important in controlling heartburn step is to understand what causes food. Although sometimes food triggers vary by person, there are certain foods that are simply notorious troublemakers to our esophagus. Here are some foods to avoid.

food that causes heartburn

The fried and fatty foods

Spicy foods

Tomatoes and tomato sauce


butter and margarine

whipped cream



creamy sauces

creamy dressings





there are also drinks that cause havoc to a sensitive esophagus, and include anything citrus, milk chocolate, soft drinks and caffeinated beverages and alcohol.

List of home remedies:

Honey: Honey is a favorite remedy for heartburn sufferers. Two tablespoons is usually sufficient, and the purest honey, the better the results.

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chamomile tea: A cup of chamomile tea after a meal can do wonders for digestion (and is nice too!)

water. If a large glass of water you drink at the first sign of a symptom, it may be enough to stop heartburn in its tracks. This will only be effective with mild heartburn, and rapid response.

Mint: This is unpredictable. Some people swear not cure heartburn better than a candy cane or peppermint candy, while others say these things make your heartburn! So home remedies for heartburn varies from one person to another.

Vinegar: This may sound like almost the worst thing that could swallow a andthroat heartburn, however, vinegar usually provides surprising results. Apple cider vinegar is best, however many reports white vinegar works just as good. A teaspoon, followed by a glass of water and should be in business.

Chewing gum: Many say they suffer from mild heartburn a stick of gum, such as juicy fruit, usually battles acidity effectively and conveniently. Be sure to stay away from strong flavors, such as cinnamon, they work only worsen heartburn. If these home remedies for heartburn worse should be considered the alternatives of heartburn.

Milk: Another common remedy for heartburn is a glass of cold milk. However, experts say that this is actually just a short term solution leading to increased production of acid. Each person is different, and the foods that cause heartburn and cures vary considerably, so treatment differ depending on the individual.

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The conclusion is that heartburn is a very common problem for many people. Because of this many people have sought alternative options, and so they are not. Supply and demand has ensured that there are plenty of home remedies proven and effective for heartburn. The best plan begins with prevention, and only asks the remedy as a backup.

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