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Eating THESE foods can increase your risk of Alzheimer’s, warn experts

The cognitive disorder affects some 850,000 British according to the NHS.

decades, scientists and medical experts have been testing treatments for the condition.

Recently, researchers found success with an antibody therapy, who believe could be the first step toward finding a cure for the incurable condition today.

There is no exact cause of Alzheimer’s disease, although medical experts say a number of factors that can increase the risk of developing the disease.

Age, family history, severe head injuries and lifestyle have been linked to the debilitating condition.

Included in these factors lifestyle is the diet, which can have more of an impact on the development of Alzheimer’s disease some may realize according to the head of the Food and Nutrition Sunrise Senior Living Health Gracewell UK and Sophie Murray.

in exclusive statements to Express.co.uk, Sophie said: “I absolutely believe that diet and lifestyle play a very important part … and the sooner the change you can enter and understood better. ”

Sophie says those tired of suffering from other health related to Alzheimer or avoid certain foods


She continued. “Fried or fast food is closely related to the development of type 2 diabetes and people with this condition are two to three times more likely to be struck by Alzheimer’s disease than the rest of the population.

“sugar-rich foods has been shown to cause inflammatory problems and causes blood sugar which in turn can lead to a smaller hipoocampus – an area of ​​the brain used to remember events and facts “

But it is not just what eating, according to the CEO and Medical Director Re :. Health Cognition Dr. Emer MacSweeney.

the amount of alcohol you drink can also put you at greater risk of developing the disease

the expert Express.co.uk said :. “Stick to the recommended guidelines when it comes to drinking alcohol the way thiamine vitamin is absorbed through the body, which is essential to provide energy for the body -. And the brain uses a lot of energy”

foods that help reduce the risk of dementia include healthy foods every day, including fish and vegetables, a new study.

Mediterranean-style diet is recommended for those tired of developing the disease. blueberries, cherries and kale are also recommended as they help protect brain cells from damage.

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