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Eat what you want and lose 2 kg a week!

Americans love to experiment with new diets , so the last few years is a very popular diet “without dinner.” Whit this diet is very easy to use and does not require food and special menus.

The application of this diet consists of lifting the dinner, which means that after 16 hours should not eat anything until the next morning day (16 hours persons who become early and go apply to the bed early).

When a person has a different daily schedule, keep in mind that the distance between the first and the last meal should be at least 14 hours.

When you start to follow this diet, if you are accustomed to dinner, you can find difficulties because you feel hungry. It is important that not interrupted diet (although it is difficult), be a little patient and facilitate adaptation to the new regime -. Just take a little time

After a few days you get used to, because hunger is a normal condition of man. Our ancestors hundreds of years before going to bed hungry, because that way the body is ready for a long period of fasting.

When we are forced to go to bed hungry, our body energy that would have been used for digestion, is spent on the removal of harmful substances, increased hormone levels and cell regeneration.

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daily digestive tract is loaded with too much food and not let the rest of the stomach. Causes damage to many organs, health problems and overweight.


Therefore, according to the diet “without dinner,” after 16 hours should not eat anything.

can drink more fluids, herbal teas and other beverages that contain no calories. Will alleviate hunger and eliminate toxins accumulated during the day.

What you get with this diet?

American Dietetic Research Center found that regular use of this diet affects

-Reduce weight.

If the distance between the first and the last meal the next day, at least 14 hours, prepare your body to burn fat slowly. You should not expect immediate results, but be patient.

The body burns a few grams per day, and that’s the advantage of this diet, since no excess skin is due to the rapid loss of excess weight, but the skin is gradually adapted to the weightloss.

-. Extension of youth (anti-aging)

Source for hormonal balance of internal youth and while our bodies produce enough hormones, which are healthy and look younger. Hunger stimulates the production of growth hormone, and melatonin (sleep hormone).

The lack of this hormone results in muscle weakness, fatigue and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. If regular monitoring program diet, increased levels of the hormone affect the reduction of body fat, bone strengthening, increased skin elasticity, reduction in blood cholesterol, strengthening the immune system, reducing fatigue and improving cardiac function.


-. Sleep renewal

As you know, while you sleep with an empty stomach produces melatonin, a sleep hormone. Next, the body temperature decreases and our dream is deeper, and reaches the regeneration of cells in the body. All people, who sleep well and look younger, and vice versa.

is this diet really works?

Comments on this diet are mainly positive. Those who stopped to eat after 16 hours leads to impressive results. In the first week he weakened 1-2kg and continued weight loss.

People who have practiced this diet two years weakened 18-20 kg. The advantage of this diet is as follows :. The body gets used and no food at night and reaches a weight more easily maintained

Before starting any diet regimen, consult your physician and nutritionist!

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