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Eat These Foods To Boost Your Memory & Improve Your Brain

Eat These Foods To Boost Your Memory & Improve Your Brain

There is growing evidence that we are what we eat. With memory loss due to dementia and Alzheimer’s on the rise, it is imperative that our diet should include foods that increase brain power and memory.

It can be argued that longer life expectancy enjoyed by our generation, thanks to advances in medical care, is responsible for the recent increase in memory loss related to age.

There may be some truth in that, but what is quite alarming is that these neurodegenerative diseases are emerging at a much younger age now. There is no doubt that our modern diet consisting mainly of highly refined and processed foods is at least partly to blame.

Here they are some natural brain and memory drive improvement of food that can be made a part of their regular diet. They not only improve your memory but will make you a healthier person completely. As they say in the philosophy behind yoga, “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”.

gluten-free cereals, including millet, quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat

Grains are mainly carbohydrates, the macronutrient that is the easiest for the body to digest and assimilate into the bloodstream as glucose and other simple sugars. Typically, glucose is the only fuel brain cells may be used; and require a constant supply thereof to the correctly.

The brain is almost entirely composed of nerve cells or neurons that use up to twice the amount of energy required by other cells in the body. You can not blame because they are always at work, constantly sending and receiving a constant flow of electrical signals.

Weighing about 3 pounds, the human brain is only 2% of the average mass of the human body, but gobbles up 20% of the energy generated. However, it is in a constant state of starvation.

A diet rich in complex carbohydrates is best for optimum performance, because what the brain needs a steady flow of glucose. random peaks of supply is not enough. But that’s exactly what happens when we consume refined sugars. In fact, surges take brain cells to a state of excitement and then kill them, as do narcotics. That’s why white sugar is called the new opium.

Complex carbohydrates in grains gluten are linked to the fiber slows digestion. Although the digestion of carbohydrates begins in the mouth with the enzyme ptialina (also called salivary amylase), which was completed only in the small intestine.

The nuts and seeds

nuts and seeds are the most concentrated sources of nutrients in the plant world sources. They are rich in polyunsaturated fats beneficial, and contain a certain amount of vegetable proteins, minerals and vitamins. Let’s see how they can help boost brain power.

The fat-soluble Vitamin E in the balls always are credited with its beneficial effects on the brain, but that is only part of the story. Vitamin E is actually good for the brain, because it is a powerful antioxidant that easily clean up all the free radicals wreak havoc in the brain. But the fats themselves are most important for brain health.

At the cellular level, the brain is composed almost entirely of fats structural and functional fats essential for metabolic processes within the cell and communication between cells. All nerve fibers are protected by a layer of fat called myelin sheath.

Therefore, it is not difficult to see why a constant supply of good fats, such as omega-6 and omega-3 found in abundance in nuts and some seeds would benefit the brain and nervous system.

you can get your fill of healthy brain of an ounce of almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts or cashews fat, but the first two are particularly useful in improving memory and guard diseases neurodegenerative.

Eat These Foods To Boost Your Memory & Improve Your Brain Here it is an ancient recipe memory power: Soak almonds 10 overnight in a cup of water and eat them in the morning with the water they were soaked. In some Asian cultures, this is traditionally given to students to ensure excellence in academic performance.

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Nuts are the center of attention since indicated that a diet rich in nuts can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, if not avoid it. All nuts contain fatty acids omega-6 polyunsaturated, but walnuts are particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid or ALA. In fact, nuts are one of the few plant sources of ALA.

Our body can use ALA to make other two essential fatty acids called eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and major health and brain function docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Nuts are best eaten raw, but you can roast lightly to enhance their flavor. No grilling, or frying over high heat though; it will spoil the good fats and other nutrients.

Some nuts may not be available raw as they spoil very quickly once removed from their hard shells. Buy roasts, if necessary, but avoid salted nuts; They are no better than fast food.

Want to try raw almonds? You can collect a large bag of here on Amazon for a very reasonable price .

Oilseeds that have a similar beneficial effect on the brain include flax sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and peanuts (yes, peanuts are the seeds of nuts not). Use these seeds freely in salads and as a condiment. Flax seeds in particular are rich in omega-3, but have to be used freshly ground.

tannins which are anti-inflammatory agents. They are equivalent to that of the vitamins A and E. The tannins can reduce the load of free radicals and inflammation in the brain antioxidant capacity. Another way that can improve brain health is by increasing the oxygen supply to the brain.

originally comes from the Middle East, pomegranates have traditionally been used there as a blood purifier and to increase circulation. They have now been scientifically shown to increase arterial blood flow, especially in the carotid artery that supplies oxygenated blood to the brain.

Try to get these benefits of eating fresh pomegranates, although they may seem too complicated and messy open pit and eat. Packaging juice containing added sugar, and others, can not be guaranteed to have the same health benefits as the real thing.


Eat These Foods To Boost Your Memory & Improve Your Brain The berries are undoubtedly the tastiest way to prevent memory loss and cognitive impairment. colorful berries are deposits of phenolic antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Berries blue and purple red, like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, currants and blueberries are rich sources of anthocyanins. In case you did not know, tomatoes are also berries; and that are rich in lycopene, a carotenoid that is an excellent antioxidant and free radical scavenger.

highly reactive radicals are formed in the body as metabolic byproducts or radiation damage as in the case of exposure to UV rays. They can cause cell aging and premature cell death. Antioxidants react with free radicals in the process neutralization. With respect to the brain, they can help delay the onset of memory loss related to age. Blueberries in particular are considered a superfood for its potential to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Rosemary in aromatherapy diffuser to experience memory improves the benefits of rosemary.

Canela is being widely studied for its positive effect on people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Sage, thyme, cumin, black pepper, cloves, nutmeg and turmeric are some of the species showing the power to improve memory. When it comes to spices, a little goes a long way, so use sparingly.


Chocolate is not exactly a complete food; It is processed from the roasted seeds of the cacao plant. But it is unfair to keep him out of the list of brain foods because it has been shown to improve memory capacity. Perhaps it is consumed more in the form of chocolatl spicy drink of the Aztecs who first discovered the benefits of cocoa beans, but the next best thing we can do we are include some dark chocolate our daily diet. It will not be as tasty as milk chocolate, of course, but it is better to skip all that sugar and go for the real stuff.

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is cocoa flavanols especially epicatechin that may help improve memory. This can reduce the risk of stroke. In an experimental study where cocoa flavonoids subjects were given for 3 months, a significant improvement was observed in memory. Brain scans showed increased activity in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus associated with memory and recall.

The epicatechin is a potent antioxidant with important cardiovascular benefits such as relaxing blood vessels, improving circulation and reducing platelet aggregation. Theobromine, the alkaloid in chocolate that gives the bitter taste also has a similar effect on blood vessels and circulation. It is a mild stimulant able to increase mental alertness, like caffeine.

balanced diet

Our physical health in general, certainly influences our brain power and memory. With this in mind, all memory improvement of food should be taken in optimal amounts, as part of a healthy balanced diet.


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