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We can afford to be a pocoCavalier with our diet when we are young. But once you get to 40 – how nuestracuerpos deal with everything we eat we begin to change.

Studies indicate that the amount dela energy burned while resting begins to fall by the age of 30 years and otrosiete percent with each subsequent decade, so if you continue to eat as ustedhizo at age 20, will begin to gain weight.

From the fourth decade on, I THE RISK of cardiovascular disease and diabetes becomes a concern – lead unaestilo unhealthy life and cholesterol levels and blood pressure is elevará.La good news is that there are proven foods to combat these problems. Here are losartículos recommend to everyone over 40 years to stock up.


Why? Oats contain a soluble fiber that can help reduce unwanted elforma cholesterol, low density lipoprotein (LDL), giving a avenaventaja on other grains.

evidence The researchers concluded that eating only 3 grams of oatmeal each day is delo enough to reduce total cholesterol 5 to 10 percent.

It is estimated that the risk of heart disease dedesarrollar falls two percent. This is a necessity for 50-plusgrupo, as it is in this decade that the risk of heart disease skyrockets.

how to eat: Whether as porridge or adding a heaping tablespoon of llanurayogurt.


Why? benefits ranging from improved levels of blood sugar to reducircolesterol.

evidence One study found that 20 adults eat 60 g of almonds díadurante four weeks showed a reduction of nine percent blood sugar, suggesting almendraspodría offer protection against cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

how to eat: Choose simple varieties as excess salt can lead to high blood pressure elevadala.

The bluefish

Why? Omega 3 fats in these fish can help lower heart rate andthe blood pressure and reduce the risk of irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia).

evidence The best sources of omega 3 are catfish, sardines yarenque. One trial found that women who ate oily fish with regularidadexperimentado the lowest incidence of stroke. Fish should be consumed at least cuatroveces a week for optimum benefits.

how to eat: Omega 3 fats are sensitive to high temperatures, so cooking ena simmered or steamed lightly . Eating fish protect beneficial fats.


Why? Tomatoes are an excellent source of antioxidantelicopeno. They offer a degree of protection against the formation and propagation delas cancer cells as well as protecting the arteries from atherosclerosis.

evidence Research has shown that drinking 150 ml of juice tomatedespués 20 minutes of exercise offers protection against prostate , lung yestómago cancer and heart disease.

how to eat: tomato cooked in its many forms, is the most lycopene convenientemanera benefit. Look juice, tomato puree (fresh, noendulzado).


Why? Skimmed milk can help fight mass reduction muscularasociada with age, especially after 50 years

evidence is found that consumption of skim milk after exercise ayudóasegurar that muscle mass was improved.

The recommended daily calcium intake dede is about 1,000 mg for men and 1,200 mg for women. verdeverduras eat, nuts and seeds, in addition to milk is an effective way to lograresto.

how to eat: Skim milk can be added to porridge, cereals, tea, smoothies caféy. Get professional advice before taking a calcium supplement – paraejemplo, heavy drinking can increase the risk of prostate cancer in men.


Why This is a great source of protein -. It helps to contribute Acontrol effective weight and muscle development.

evidence it is revealed that a “moderate increase in protein ‘translated in maintaining weight loss compared to diets high in carbohydrates.

chicken soup might also be able decombatir the common cold. As a chicken breast without skin contains saturated fat, Sees a useful alternative to red meat .

how to eat: Cut the fat by removing the skin, leg, even withthe off skin, contains six percent fat.

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