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Easy tricks to get rid of love bites

Although you enjoyed everything nibbling and kissing rough background, that would not have an ugly red hickey on his neck to prove it! Here are some hacks surprisingly easy to tame those love bites.


Cold treatment: As to develop a pacifier, apply a cold compress to the area in the form of ice wrapped in a towel or a cold spoon in the freezer. Hold for 20 minutes at least.

Heat therapy

This treatment is only effective 48 hours after the nipple is formed. Heat applied to bruising increase blood flow to the area and allow the clot to be reabsorbed into the bloodstream faster.

Toothbrush trick: Rub a new toothbrush on the affected area to increase blood flow to the area and disperse the coagulated blood over an area more wide. Note that it will take a couple of hours for your work is visible.

Toothpaste to rescue

Apply a toothpaste based mint for pacifier. The tingling sensation that occurs will increase blood flow to the area and allow the resorption of the clot.

Help Alcohol

Massage in a little alcohol on his pacifier. Will soothe the area and also act as a disinfectant. Applied as soon as the pacifier is obtained.

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use a coin

stretching the skin on the nipple with two fingers and gently scrape with a coin from the center of the nipple outward . This will break up the clot and disperse. Before you start massaging the nipple, apply a warm compress to the same.

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