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Easy Tips to Remove Mehendi in Your Hand


I love Mehendi give me a maximum of five, if you are in love with Mehendi too. A beautiful design of Mehendi is not less than a beautiful sight to the eyes. We take every effort to make our darker aspect Mehendi and stay longer. But once your Mehendi start to appear, it is not less than a disease. It normally takes two weeks for the color of henna disappear completely. If you want to make this process a little faster, so you can try some of these home remedies.

lemon and baking powder

Take small amount of baking powder in a bowl and add a few drops of lemon to it. Make a thick paste and apply it throughout your Mehendi and keep it for 10 minutes. Exfoliate and wash hands thoroughly with warm water. You can feel dryness in your hands, it is normal do not worry. You can then apply some moisturizer.


Although not want to encourage anyone using chlorine, but this is also an effective method to effectively eliminate henna. You can buy chlorine from medical store and add it to the water. Dip hands in chlorinated water and keep it for 15 minutes. Pat dry hands. During these two minutes, your hands will itch and irritated a little, but will not hurt.

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hair conditioner

You can simply use hair conditioner to remove henna hands. Take a small amount of hair conditioner and rub it all over your hand. You can repeat this process twice a day for best results.

Olive oil:

The mother of all oil, olive oil also helps in removing henna. Take a small amount of olive oil in a bowl. Take a cotton ball and dip it in oil. Place cotton balls around Mehendi design. The salt can also be added for best results. The salt helps accelerate the bleaching process Mehendi Read more


Toothpaste can also help fade your mehendi.


Take a lemon and cut into two pieces. Rub all hands and wash with luke warm water More


If you can swim, which can take a swim in chlorinated water two or three times. The chlorine will help fade the color soon.

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