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Easy DIY Projects : How to Make Quilling Wall Decor for Your Home!

Quilling DIY Projects for Your Home Decoration!

Quilling DIY projects for decorating your home!

With us, this time to bring this amazing DIY room decor Idea with quilled Shell is one of projects easy DIY can enjoy at home. Quilling wall decoration is one of the most impressive Idea DIY home decoration that can be implemented to give a decorative and charming resort when you start to put practice your best DIY Home Projects ideas. Quilling art can very well and effectively be used to make home decorating walls .

When wall frames Quilling you think interesting DIY projects for your home, to add a whole new dimension your living room. The use of basics of quilling technique as quilling colored strips. ideas wall decor and unique Quilling Designs give your home a beautiful touch and feel and bring beauty and feeling of festiveness home.

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Let’s learn how to make a paper wall hanging quilling Footsteps! Watch this video tutorial for the incredible wall decoration Quilling.

materials necessary for the realization of projects easy DIY

Things-you-need-for-quilled-shell Quilled-shell-decoration

  • The colored paper
  • Quilling Strips
  • Needle Quilling
  • craft glue
  • decorative stones
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

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procedure for wall decoration Quilling Shell

. Step 1: Draw the shape of a shell on paper


. Step 2: Join a red, yellow, blue and quilling strip into a tight coil closed


. Step 3: start to cut quilling strips in the size and shape required to make the top of the shell

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Step 4 :. Be sure to paste these small cut outs quilling strips vertically


Step 5 :. Click teardrop shaped spiral closed coils and shaped petals and taped together to form the design as shown


Step 6 :. Follow this by dividing strips quilling tight rolls into 5 parts


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