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Easily Fatigued & Depressed? Check for Hypothyroidism.

What is hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism, or underproduction of thyroid hormone, directly or indirectly involve the thyroid gland. Thyroid hormone is essential for most life processes and affects growth, development, and many of the intra-cellular processes. Any imbalance in this hormone can lead to catastrophic physiological, psychological and social consequences.

The classic symptoms of hypothyroidism?

Most people suffer from hypothyroidism, but do not realize that because the symptoms can be difficult to define and diagnose free. As we age the symptoms of hypothyroidism appear as classic symptoms of aging and unreported. It is when these minor symptoms manifest themselves in something larger patient as a disease it is. Some of the common symptoms are:

  • fatigue, aches, pains, muscle cramps and swelling in the legs
  • Depression, lapses in concentration
  • moderate weight gain
  • cold intolerance
  • excessive sleepiness
  • dry, coarse hair
  • constipation
  • The dry skin

When you can prove hypothyroidism? fatal

as the disease progresses without treatment, some severe symptoms can be fatal:

  • decreased heart rate,
  • drop in body temperature,
  • heart failure.
  • life-threatening coma (myxedema) in severe cases.

The causes of hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is a very common condition with 3% to 5% of the population that has some or the other form of hypothyroidism, known or unknown to them. Comparatively women are more prone to these hormonal changes than men and the risk increases with age

Watch the video below to check the causes of hypothyroidism that will help diagnose and treat this better :.

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