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Earth wash remedy to turn white hair to black

Even for major health problems do not worry. But when one or two white hairs begin to sprout on the scalp great concern. In our previous articles we had given many home remedies that help turn white hair black.

Land Washing Solution: is a natural remedy that requires nothing more than the earth from outside. You might wonder if this remedy will work or not. But remedy land was a part of the healing system of our ancestors. Even today it is practiced. the aging process slows down and has no side effects. It is also good for headaches, insomnia and swelling of the eyes.

Ingredients: Land dug in the garden or in the field. But we must go shallow for this remedy. And water is needed for this remedy.

Directions: Add a small amount of water to make their land into a solution. the solution through a sieve or a cotton cloth filtered. Wash your hair with the extract. Use the remedy once a week. This will help you get the soft, strong and black hair.

henna, and soap nuts shikakai remedy: This is another henna dye made from natural herbs. While this remedy ingredients are mixed, iron bowl better used, since the content is oxidized and causes the darker tint.

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Ingredients :. 2 tablespoons Indian gooseberry, 1 cup of henna, 1 tablespoon shikakai, 1 tablespoon of soap nuts, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 2 tablespoons curd, coconut oil 1/2 tablespoon vinegar and

Directions: Combine all these ingredients mentioned above in a container of iron. Mix until a paste forms, and left overnight in the bowl; apply the paste on the hair in the morning. Let it sit on the hair for two hours. Rinse hair well.

sesame seeds Remedy: For this remedy you need sesame seeds. Choose black sesame seeds for this remedy and ensure that they are not peeling. Sesame seeds retain more nutrients than white sesame seeds. However, both are rich in minerals and vitamin B. This remedy reduce the loss of hair and black hair turn white.

Ingredients: sesame seeds and water

Directions: Soak the sesame seeds in water for some time. This will make them soft. Use a blender to puree into a fine paste. You can also do this with a mortar and pestle. But with the help of a mixer which can do with less effort. Apply the paste on the scalp and throughout the hair. massage gently with fingertips in a circular motion.

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