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Dyspepsia: A Constellation of Symptoms Arising out of Intestinal Tract

Dyspepsia is a set of symptoms that occur in the upper intestinal tract. It is a common condition that usually a group of symptoms described.

What are the complications of dyspepsia? What are the symptoms of it? What are the causes and treatment options? For answers to these questions, LifeView interacted with Dr. Nikhil bondade gastroenterologist Consultant headquarters in Bangalore Narayana Health City .

Speaking to LifeView, Dr. Nikhil bondade said “Around 10-30 percent of the general population suffer from dyspepsia. Common symptoms associated with the disorder are swelling , loss of appetite, burning sensation in the region of the stomach, heartburn, belching and vomiting sensation. One of the symptoms is important discomfort in the upper abdominal region after having food. ”

He added in most people who experience one or the other symptoms of dyspepsia in your life.

What are the causes of dyspepsia?

The cause of dyspepsia usually found in the upper gastrointestinal tract. Stomach acids rising gas and intestinal tract is one of the main causes. The most common form of the disease, which one finds is the functional form of dyspepsia Dr. Nikhil said.

After this we find the peptic ulcer disease among the common form of dyspepsia. The cause of this form of dyspepsia is due to a bacterial infection called as H Pylori, he added.

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Excluding this the other causes may be drugs. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs sold in India as over-the-counter medications can it lead to dyspepsia, Dr. Nikhil explained.

Among the rare causes of dyspepsia have gastric cancer, gallbladder disease, pancreatic disease, etc.

Emphasizing that the initial symptoms of the disease should not be taken lightly Dr. Nikhil said “The symptoms should not be ignored and taken lightly. It should be taken immediately to the attention of an expert. ”

(Keep watching the space. In the next article, Dr. Nikhil bondade give out the tests and treatment options dyspepsia)

Dr Nikhil Bondade

Dr. Nikhil bondade

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Dr. Nikhil bondade currently works as a consultant gastroenterologist based in Bangalore Narayana Health City. His area of ​​interest is luminal gastroenterology.

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