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Duct Tape Crafts : How to Make Easy Duct Tape Bicycle Craft

Children are always attracted to the craft and often have homework related crafts the school? Crafts teaches creativity and skills to do things in a simpler way. Are you interested in learning trades to meet your child? You want to learn easy crafts decorative tape for the allocation of their children at school? So it is quite simple. Yes, you can easily make decorative things in the comfort of your home.

craft tape are the new trend and almost everyone is tuned with tape for crafts colors. Initially tape is used as a simple adhesive, but today you can make them incredible handicrafts colors. Duct tape crafts bicycle is one of the easy crafts that you can do at home with some simple raw materials.

Duct Tape Crafts For Kids!

Let’s learn how to make duct tape crafts for kids!

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Let’s learn how to craft adhesive tape DIY bicycle.

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The following are the things you need and a detailed procedure on how to make easy bike adhesive tape boats.

What is needed for making crafts duct tape

Cycle-basket Diy-cycle-basket

  • aluminum wire (2 mm)
  • wire ships
  • tape colorful ship
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Rule
  • Scissors
  • decorative flower and feathers
  • leaf color brightness Black
  • decorative stones
  • glue gun and
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Procedure to facilitate bicycle duct tape boats

. Step 1: bending mold and the aluminum wire in a circular shape


. Step 2: Cover the circular duct tape craft


. Step 3: Join 2-wire craft and cover with tape

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Step 4: Click craft cables by 8 as the form and then fit them into the wire of the circular shape. In the same way that large 1 and 2 small bicycle wheels.


Step 5 :. A small wheels using craft wire and cover the craft wire using tape

Step 6 :. Now make 2 cover tape wires craft duct and connecting cables craft for small wheels


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