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Dry Your Nail Polish in Less Than a Minute with This Simple Trick

How many times have polished nails and then could do nothing in the coming hours because their enamel polish, simply does not dry up? Actually, there is nothing more annoying than waiting ages for your nail polish to dry. The only thing worse than often happens is ruin the nail polish the time was thought to dry up.

There is another important factor that determines the speed of your nail polish to dry and that is the number of layers apply. Of course, the more layers, the harder the nail polish dries. Here, I’ll share a very useful trick you can do to dry your fresh manicure in less than a minute.

Try this method and you never have to wait years for your manicure dry. In addition, you will never spoil nail polish again.


  • container
  • a little water
  • ice cubes


Before you start nail polish, put some cold water in a bowl. Add a few ice cubes.


nail polish and once finished, put your fingers in the bowl.


Hold this position for a couple of minutes, then remove. The nail polish is very dry and nails will look as amazing as you wanted.


Note: The drying process really depends on the number of layers has been applied

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