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Dry Damage and Frizzy Hairs Repair Treatment at Home


were living at the time when women like change their hair color and now becomes a part of fashion and style. This hair mask is specially for those girls who have their hair bleached and damaged. If you are sick of damage repair treatments, then here we are an amazing place to dispose of damaged and frizzy hair dry naturally end. Especially the ends of the hairs were dry. This mask is not only for dry, curly and damaged hair but also very good mask hair growth.

What I need?

  • raw honey 2 tablespoons
  • Olive oil 2 tablespoons
  • Coconut oil 1 cup
  • vitamin E oil 3 capsules

honey can moisturize your hair condition and also your help to make the hair shiny and healthy. Olive oil will help the hair easy to use and also for hair grow healthier and stronger. oil natural coconut milk will stop breaking the hair and make stronger root hairs. Vitamin E improves oil hair growth get rid of hair loss repair damaged and dry hair. It can be used externally and internally, but this resource to be used externally.

How to use?

Take big oil, add coconut oil in it, add olive oil and honey in it now mix all together. Now add 3 gel capsules of vitamin E in it and mix well again and this solution is poured into another container.

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First apply at the ends of the hair because our hair are much drier from extreme cause discoloration and colors. Then apply on the scalp with the help of cotton and massage for a few minutes to increase blood circulation and helps in hair growth. When oil is applied in all the hairs carry a plastic bag or shower cap on his head and left for 1 hour after washing with a mild shampoo. Repeat this remedy twice a week to get healthier, shinier and stronger hair naturally.

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