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Drowning in junk mail? Here are some tips to get rid of it


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Like death and taxes, junk mail seems an inevitability.

Each energy bill and wedding invitation comes with a handful of ads for installing solar panels and credit card offers that go directly to the recycling bin.

Fortunately, there are some ways to lighten the load and save some trees.

Pre-deny pre-approved credit cards

Pre-approved credit card offers are as annoying as they are prevalent, in part because they often include personal financial information that a scammer might exploit unless properly destroyed.

If you are not interested in knowing that you have been pre-selected for the exclusive agreement of a credit card company of the moment four times a week, log in to OptOutPrescreen.com and cancel the offers. Or call 1-888-567-8688.

You must send your Social Security number, but the exclusion system was created by the four main credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion, which already have it.

Give $ 2 for a decade of less junk mail

Those who wish to pay a couple of dollars could enjoy substantially less spam. A massive commercial organization for marketers, the Data and Marketing Association, created the DMAchoice.org website so that people can filter what marketing materials they want to send to them, if they are sent.

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The service promises to help reduce spam for 10 years in exchange for a processing fee of $ 2.

Cancel catalogs

Seed catalogs activate summer dreams during the winter.

(Photo: Jerry Apps)

Nothing fills the space inside a mailbox like those massive retail sales catalogs. If the occasional deal they offer does not appeal to you, simply visit the catalog website (Valpak and RetailMeNot Everyday (formerly RedPlum) are some of the largest) and complete their respective unsubscribe forms.

A free site like Catalog Choice can also be beneficial to opt out of receiving bulky marketing catalogs.

Maintain personal personal information

While it is virtually impossible to keep your personal information completely secret on this day and today, there are ways to make it more difficult to find. First, review the privacy policy of your banking and credit card companies and restrict what they can share with other companies.

Do the same with popular retailers such as Amazon, Walmart or Best Buy and limit how they can use your personal information. For particularly persistent mail senders, try typing "Return to sender" and place them back in your mailbox.

It is likely that the use of these tips does not detect every piece of spam before it reaches your mailbox, but it could mean a less booklet for a cruise you did not need to know.

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And sometimes, that's more than enough.

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