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Drop your glasses in just a month with this beverage – up to 2 diopters less.

Benefits of using parsley for eyes

eye ​​Parsley is a natural medicine with great effect. Its use has become an indispensable part of everyday life.

The spice is ideal for use in cooking, but this is far from its only purpose.

Regular consumption of parsley that could give the vision of an eagle and this statement is not at all an exaggeration.

Perejil is quite healing plant, many people have benefited, while others are still waiting their turn.

The benefits of eating parsley eye (and not only)

parsley beverage

Perejil has detoxifying, antispasmodic, antiseptic and stimulating action .

The leaves of the plant are used when they are still fresh. They are rich in vitamin C, iron and katorin.
healing herb contains folic acid in an enviable amount. Due to this reason, the parsley instantly becomes a great addition to the menu of pregnant women.

The media and also recommended for people suffering from diabetes, as it serves to normalize glucose levels in the blood. Many people include the plant to the list of most female healing herbs.

This is not casual in, like parsley taken in cycles problems. It serves for normalization of the menstrual cycle and reduce pain.

parsley leaf eye – a recipe for visually impaired release of

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Great recipe:

Take a bunch of parsley and cut into small pieces. Mix with a pot of yogurt.

The mixture should be consumed for a day. This treatment should be continued within the month.

After 30 days, to the mixture are added and the tips of nettle (necessarily sweet). Continue this course of treatment for 1 additional month.

After two months will feel superior, and even going to be able to discard the glasses. Perfectly feasible to restore vision for 2 diopters less

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