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Drink This To Clean Your Liver And Lose Weight In 72 Hours

The liver is our main body of the filter, so when it is overloaded with toxins can not perform its function optimally, which can lead to serious health problems in the future.


Although many people do not know, the liver is also important for weight loss. Detoxifying your liver and restore its function may help you lose weight, and you can do with the following recipe:


5 stems of celery

Lemon juice (3 lemons)

6 cups water

1 cup chopped parsley


stems Mix lemon juice, parsley and celery in a blender, then add 6 cups water and mix until well blended. That’s it – your liver detoxification remedy is ready now

Drink 2 glasses of drink 3 times a day before meals and repeat the treatment for 3 days. Repeat the procedure again after a break of a week, and avoid heavy meals during the process. Drinking plenty of water also to accelerate the detoxification process and lose even more weight!

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