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Drink This Before Bed And You'll Lose Weight While You Sleep

The effects of this drink will do wonders in your body. This will help control their feelings of hunger during the day to increase metabolism., And increase the processing speed of burning fat from your body while you sleep. It is suggested to be taken later in the evening as a replacement for dinner for a week, and the results will surprise you. Here’s how you can make this unbelievable drink at home …

What you need.

The list of ingredients is very simple, this drink only requires three basic ingredients. The first thing needed is a grapefruit equal to about 1 cup of juice. Then you will need 1 tablespoon honey local, organic production. And finally, 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar.

How to put together.

First you need to peel the grapefruit and then toss in a blender. Secondly, honey and honey and apple cider vinegar is added to the mixture. Then it is mixed all together on a low speed until thoroughly mixed. You know you’re ready when you can no longer see the grapefruit pulp.

use is recommended.

Actually you can drink this before, or as replacement of any food eaten during the day, but for best results, we recommend that you use in the hours, or instead of dinner. Drink this as dinner for 1 week and then return to normal for one week, and you can repeat this process for as long as you want. Also, if you do not like the taste of grapefruit, orange work well.

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