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Drink Hibiscus Tea For Heart Health, Lower Cholesterol And More

first discovered the pleasures of hibiscus tea while traveling through Mexico and Central America late last year. After the first sip, I was immediately in love. The drink deep ruby ​​tones itself, followed by the rich sweetness, natural flavor and slightly bitter fact for a very refreshing drink amid sweaty crowds of Playa del Carmen, Mexico or the chaos of colonial Antigua, Guatemala.

Despite its apparent innocence and wonderfully refreshing taste, experience has taught me to distrust automatically any food or drink that I know nothing, and this new drink red no it was an exception. While I could see the bright, iridescent hummingbirds gave a big thumbs up to the hibiscus flower (their long beaks and even longer tongues that gives them the advantage over other pollinating insects), the question was whether it was or was not fit for consumption human.

After a preliminary investigation, however, I was delighted to find that hibiscus tea in its purest form, has a wide range of health benefits. Some store-bought varieties of hibiscus tea (known as “Jamaica” in Mexico and Central America – pronounced “ha-RME-kah”) may have added sweeteners. Instead, buy the powdered form of this nutrient straight flower, or even the whole dried flowers themselves, to make real wonders on your health.

hibiscus tea, otherwise known as “bitter tea” in Iran and other parts of West Asia, dates back to ancient Angola. As the process of globalization is consolidated, he began to spread throughout the world, with the Egyptians levering its ability to maintain normal body temperature and promote fluid balance. In other countries of North Africa, tea has been used to support the health of the upper respiratory tract and promote healthy skin. In Europe, hibiscus often turned to promote circulation and relieve constipation odd fight.

If the boiled extract of a specific plant can achieve such global assessment, it is clear that is something worth drinking. Here are some reasons why you should jump on the bandwagon.

1. Treating high blood pressure

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A growing body of scientific evidence points to the hibiscus as a powerful tool to improve heart health. Studies show that daily consumption of hibiscus tea can benefit people with high blood pressure, a six-week study indicating that tea hibiscus had a greater effect in reducing systolic blood pressure than the control group. Research indicates that hibiscus can be a beneficial drink for people with mild high blood pressure pre- hypertension or type 2 diabetes

2. Reduce cholesterol

high concentrations of antioxidants in hibiscus, making it as effective food to lower blood pressure, also give rise to a surprisingly powerful to maintain healthy cholesterol levels tool. Several studies have shown that regular consumption of hibiscus can help reduce LDL cholesterol ( “bad”). Its application improves the ratio of HDL ( “good”) cholesterol LDL cholesterol in the body and helps protect against heart disease and damage to the blood vessels.

In 2010, researchers conducted a comprehensive study of 222 adults, about a third of whom suffered from metabolic syndrome. Patients were randomly assigned to three groups – healthy diet, hibiscus, and healthy diet with hibiscus. While the concept designer study of a “healthy diet” remains to be determined The study found glucose than those who suffer from metabolic syndrome had significantly reduced blood total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. The study also found that regular consumption of hibiscus also resulted in a significant improvement in insulin sensitivity. The study hypothesized that anthocyanins in hibiscus help regulate adipocyte function, promoting the prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome.

3. Protect the liver

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These antioxidants in hibiscus be level going back to have done it again, this time with regarding the health of your liver. These days, both chronic exposure to environmental toxins and food-based toxins livers mean many people are struggling to absorb and eliminate toxins that constantly flow in our bodies. One study published in Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology indicated that hibiscus anthocyanins antioxidants had an antiinflammatory effect on liver injury in rats, along with reduced oxidative damage. Although there seems to have been modeled on humans but this effect, it is suggested that drinking jamaica can significantly reduce the risk of liver disease, and also give a helping hand in its fight against toxins.

4. Relieve anxiety and depression


The healing capabilities also hibiscus They seem to extend to the central nervous system. A study 2012 found that flavonoids and antioxidants in hibiscus have a strong antidepressant effect in the brain and that has therapeutic potential in treating central nervous system disorders due to their dopaminergic, serotonergic and noradrenergic mechanisms. fancy words, but the message is clear – hibiscus drinking has a positive effect on the brain and mood

-. Liivi Hess

As always, in order to get the most benefits out of your hibiscus tea, look out for products organic or free hibiscus spray!

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