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Dr Rosemary: The best ways to beat bad breath

Q – What is the most effective way to treat bad breath?

A – the most common cause of bad breath is poor dental hygiene. In particular, do not clean between the teeth properly. This leaves small bits of food that not only smell bad, but they act as a wonderful means of growth for bacteria living inside your mouth.

These bacteria then cause inflammation in the gums that can add to bad breath. Always be sure to clean between the teeth using dental thread or, better yet, interdental brushes twice a day. You should also see a dental hygienist for a professional cleaning twice a year.

Other possible causes of bad breath are an infection of the nose or sinuses and may also be related to acid reflux from the stomach. There is also some evidence that people with a stomach bug infection with Helicobacter pylori, which can not cause any other symptoms, are more prone to bad breath.

So if there is another cause is ask your doctor if it can be tested for this. If the test is positive, the infection can usually be cleared with a combination of high doses of antibiotics.

Q – What are the floats (in the eye) and how do you know if they are dangerous

a – the eyeball is filled with a gelatinous substance that is normally transparent. With increasing age (especially over 60) that the substance may change and small pieces of debris begin to form.

Although these tend to settle at the bottom of the eyeball, if they float through the center of your field of view may appear as an opaque area, as a small spot, thread or as a web. They tend to be more evident when you are looking for something bright, like a clear sky on a sunny day.

Anyone can float but are more common in those who are nearsighted or have diabetes. The floats are very common and usually not serious and require no treatment. However, sometimes they can be a sign that the retina is torn or from the back of the eye.

Therefore, you should see an optician or doctor immediately if you notice a sudden change in your floaters, especially if you have white flashes in the eye as well or have vision loss . If you have floaters should also make sure that you have a routine eye exam with an optical every two years.


Q – Recently it has been recommended that I have a spinal injection of a herniated disc. Sixteen months ago I had surgery for the same disc, but on the opposite side. I’m not convinced of injection as I feel it does not offer long-term benefits and appears to be “inconsistent” as to whether it would work at all.

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A – The spinal discs lie between each of the individual bones and are made of a fibrous outer part strong with a softer, gel-like core. When there is a “herniated disc” that will not slip, but rather softer core part protrudes through a weakness in the outside.

This can not only cause inflammation in the surrounding area but also the bulging portion can press on a nerve that leaves the spinal cord. Any disc in the spine can be affected but tends to occur more frequently in the lower back, causing pressure on the sciatic nerve that runs through the buttock and the outside of the leg to the foot. Most people do not require surgery and gradually contracts the bulk of his own will.

The goal of surgery is to cut the protruding portion of the disk and are unlucky they are continuing to have pain after having done this. There are several types of injection that can be given to relieve back pain.

The most common is an injection of a steroid with a local anesthetic in the area around the nerve. The goal is to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, but it treats the underlying herniated disc. I suggest you talk to your specialist about the kind of injection was planned and the likely chance of success.

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