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Dr Hilary Jones: A cup of tea could one day be your CONTRACEPTIVE

Appearing on ITV Lorraine, the doctor said the favorite drink of the nation one day it could become a form of contraceptive.

Dr. Hilary said: “A beer would be inspired by the same drugs as the contraceptive.”

also said that tea could one day be combined with analgesics

news that teas remedy could soon be produced was revealed in a future report of tea, giant Tetley tea

the report says. “2026 will see the appearance of teas Remedy:. daily cuppas enriched with drugs, from painkillers to antibiotics”

scientists have He has been working with the company to develop regular tea bags, which means that women may one day be able to drink tea contraception to avoid pregnancy.

“The future could see mixes and prepared for a variety of ailments, including tea hangover with antacids added and caffeine, Youthbrew Tea with collagen and hair restoration tea with minoxidil (to avoid falling hair).”

following the publication of the report, Laurent Sagarra, the expert behind super-range Tea Tetley, said “significant progress is being made to meet consumer demand and our range Super Tea functional blends clinical health benefits and represents the biggest innovation in tea. as teabag ”

Dr. Hilary also spoke to host Gaby Roslin on measures to combat childhood obesity.

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occurs after health advocates said that attempts to curb the growing epidemic of childhood obesity in Britain not go far enough.

He said, “A lot of health experts are disappointed that it is not strong enough

.” It’s just a voluntary desire to get the industry to reduce sugar in everything else, snacks and confectionery.

“there is no ban on advertising for kids- anything to stop the promotions of two for the price of one. A lot of health experts do not think it has gone too far.”

“We billion £ 5 in the treatment of the consequences of obesity. it is a major problem.”

the doctor also spoke about seasickness, after the singer Lily Allen said his daughter struggle with the problem.

viewers were offered his advice.

“The first thing you will not do is talk about it. Distracting, not to mention the fact that it could be car sick. If you sit high up in the car so they can see the horizon.

“. of course you have antihistamines can also help if you need it”

Dr. Hilary ginger is also recommended – ‘ginger cookies, ginger ale, ginger beer’ as a good way to alleviate disease.

Finally, the doctor urged people to be aware of the amount of germs that can collect in refillable water bottles, after experts found that a similar amount of germs they are in “toy dog ​​or a toilet seat ‘a.

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He said the best bottle of drinking water is one covered with a straw, as it only collects ‘harmless’ bacteria on top.

This comes after Gaby Roslin spoke to Terri Dwyer spoke of his battle with skin cancer after tanning obessession .

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