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Don’t Do This When You Have Your Period, It Could Be Dangerous – Every Women Must Read!

What is not You should do when you have the rule?

There are some things you should not do when you have your period. At this time of the month, some women are blessed with a soft cloth, but some of them are going through hell. When you’re in pain, there are a lot of discomfort in your body.

unprotected sex

There is a great chance of getting pregnant during this period. It is best not to have sex in order to avoid any infection.

Do not skip meals

Try not to skip meals when you’re in a period. Considering that is losing a lot of blood and now the food will only make you stronger.

Keep out of physical work

If you have pain in your back or stomach during the period to avoid any physical work, because the pain only it will be stronger.

eating fast food

eat fast food at 2:00 am may seem like a good idea, but your stomach will not be very happy. Anyway, please do have some junk food. Just do not eat too much because you know it’s not healthy.


For most of us it is impossible to go to work, but I would like to let women take some time on their own at this time of month. Obviously, the office can be empty most of the time, but one day would not hurt. However, nobody’s perfect, right?

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stay up all night

You will notice that you will feel better if you go to bed early, no matter who need more time to fall dream. Apply some sleep sounds on YouTube and feel sleeping beauty.

More tips:

  • Do not drink ice water. It can make the menstrual blood remaining in the uterus wall and after 5-10 years can cause cancer.
  • Avoid drinking soda.
  • Try not to eat cucumber. Some of the substances in cucumber can cause water retention in the uterus wall.

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