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Don’t Buy Avocados Anymore. Instead Grow Them at Home in a Small Pot!


The latest fashion modern diets it is avocado. It is surprising guacamole and is healthy, tasty addition. Many benefits are derived from this fruit. Avocado has a lot of essential elements like vitamins B5, B6, C, E, K, potassium and more. It has plenty of fiber and fatty acids are the healthiest exist, such as olive oil.

Since it can be done in many recipes, it is even more popular with each day.

can be added to any dish of color, taste, aroma, flavor and have a healthy meal.

This is how to make it grow. It is simple, that in a few steps:

1. Germinar avocado seed


Take the seed inside and put toothpicks in it. They place them midway between the top with the same distance in between. Put the seeds in a glass of water to send dimples and immersed in water inches. See the image below for toothpicks. The seed can even soak for 6 weeks and away from the sun. Now at this time will sprout roots. When the stem is 6 inches, cut to 3. Allow the roots become thick and grow faster and longer.

2. Planting avocado-pflanze

fill the pot diameter of 10 inches with a good ground. Put the seeds into the small hole in the center of the floor and make sure the roots are exposed half. For more drainage, use terra cotta pot. The soil should be moist all the time and much water. If the leaves turn yellow or fall, let the seed becomes dry and maintain irrigation, but less now. If the leaves are brown and dry color, avocado needs more water. Place the pot in the sink and let the water run.

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3. Enjoy the fruit

This is it! The final stage. Keep watering fruit and you can see the nice form of avocado, but be patient.

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