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Doctors Prove Gut Bacteria May Hold The Key To Your Health!

Intestinal bacteria does what …

Finally, doctors, scientists and researchers are discovering the key to living a long and healthy life. And we can promise you is not what you think it is. The truth is that the key to living your best life now healing your gut starts.

With the hype surrounding bowel health and all this “trendy” about probiotics, you might have heard or have begun to wonder what the hell they are! And this is not surprising.

There are many misconceptions out there about them: What are they? How do they work? Why do I need? How do they work? Just to name a few.


We are here to tell you everything you need to know about probiotics and to help you get the facts. The most important thing that people seem confused about what we need to put the bacteria in our body. The word “bacteria” just scares most people. (I mean, just think about how many products are designed just to get rid of him, for fear that get us-ahhh!)

It is this word that endlessly drilled in our brain with such a negative connotation that it will take some serious letting go get beyond what our minds have convinced us that is bad.

The average person does not see the point of putting the bacteria back into your body, which is essentially the sole purpose of probiotics. Let’s break the important questions for you, all in one place. We want to help, and the only way is to educate the best way we can.

First and foremost: What is a probiotic


As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a stupid question. And to be honest, this was the first question I asked myself when I heard the term “probiotics”. Simply put, probiotics are good bacteria that line the digestive tract and support the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight the infection .

Without these good guys much needed in our body, which are unable to function properly and our health suffers as a result. See, you did not say that all bacteria was bad!

How can you get probiotics in your body?

There are really only two ways to get good, healthy probiotic bacteria in your digestive system!

  1. Eating probiotic-rich foods
  2. Taking probiotic supplements

1. The power of probiotics:

For hundreds of years , people have eaten fermented, enriched with probiotics intended to keep your body healthy and strong food. Many other cultures around the world continue to consume these products on a regular basis, keeping them as a staple in their daily diet. Now let’s give you a little lesson in culture fast food in probiotics worldwide!

Miso: This traditional Japanese ingredient is made from fermented soybeans, barley or brown rice mixed with koji. If you’ve ever had miso soup at a Japanese restaurant (you know the delicious that comes with the leaves of algae floating in it, then you’ve tried-woohoo!)


kefir: by adding kefir grains milk a cow, goat or sheep, and allowed to ferment for a day, this results in a drink lactose-known as kefir. This European drink is particularly popular in Sweden, Norway, Hungary and Finland. The fermentation process Kefir can also be made from soybean, coconut, or rice milk.


natto Many Japanese begin their day with this funky odor of fermented soybeans, believing that it is the food perfect to start your day breakfast. (Sounds like an illusion to me now pass me some eggs, please!)


yogurt : If you are familiar with probiotics, then, obviously yogurt comes to mind. Yogurt is made from the bacteria that ferment natural sugars in milk. But the main problem is that we know today yogurt has been processed so it is stripped of any digestive improved qualities. Yes, that means your favorite Chobani is not good for you as you think it is. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news: (


sauerkraut : sauerkraut (German) and kimchi (Korea) are the two forms of the sauerkraut that offer many probiotic benefits when consumed. (have you ever tried sauerkraut? I did once for a bet. keyword once .)


Soft (unprocessed) Cheese : Okay, now we’re talking cheeses that come from goat or sheep milk and other cheeses (think Gouda) contain particularly high levels . of probiotics sounds like a guilty pleasure that is not so guilty


Kombucha : you may have noticed Kombucha bottled drinks before in the supermarket, because its many health benefits of them have gained popularity in recent years. This drink is made from an effervescent fermentation of black tea. The health drink has been around for over 2,000 years, originating in the Far East before spreading in popularity Japan and Russia.


Kvass : It is common in Eastern Europe, this is a vegetable and rye / barley fermented drink. It is another who has also been around since ancient times.


Tempeh :. Another probiotic foods made from fermented soybeans, this food is typically found in Indonesian cuisine


2. The power of probiotic supplements:

okay, so let’s be honest here: Aside from cheese, yogurt and sauerkraut, how many of those foods you ever heard of? And if you have, could you imagine eating tons of it to restore your good supply type bacteria?

Fortunately there is a much simpler solution that has the power to give you everything you need every day, and it does not require to eat excessive amounts of food that does not sound tempting and are even harder to come by. We are talking about good ol probiotic supplements.

There is no such thing as a “magic pill” … but if there are ways that would be called probiotics!

With only one pill a day, this is a simplified procedure for maintaining a stable balance of good and healthy bacteria in your body method. Right, high quality probiotic that you can restore your bodily functions and revitalize your health in ways you never thought possible.

Researchers estimate that there are between 500 – 1000 species of bacteria that colonize our digestive system. New research shows specific strains of bacteria have a specific impact on the body! This is huge and very, very important when the right probiotic is selected! Below is a list of bacterial strains that have all been proven and tested for their ability to help your body shown:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus. This is huge. Candida (a total bad boy bacteria) can not survive when the good guy comes to save the day. It has also been shown to reduce diarrhea, cramps, and gas. It is of utmost importance that your probiotic supplement acidophilus has in it!
  • Lactobacillus plantarum. Supports the lining of the colon to ensure healthy intestinal barrier. Shown to relieve constipation and diarrhea and resistant to most antibiotics (very bad, more on this later) .
  • Lactobacillus fermentum. builds your immune system and supports the intestinal wall. Even demonstrated absorb cholesterol! 80% of your immune system is in your gut! Fermentum is key to keeping your immune system strong and healthy!
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus. Facilitates diarrhea, constipation, lactose intolerance, food allergies, and builds the immune system.
  • Lactobacillus reuteri. prevents and relieves diarrhea, strengthens immune resistance, relieves symptoms of eczema.
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum. natural inhabitant of the colon that helps control harmful bacteria, promotes healthy elimination and enhances immune system function. Very very important! This is a must!
  • Bifidobacterium longum. prevents bacteria trigger inflammation, it helps relieve diarrhea and lactose intolerance.

When buying a probiotic supplement, make sure you understand exactly what strains are in use and what those specific strains will do in the body! Do not be confused by the billions of UFC strains or tens. Like it simple and look for the most important / beneficial bacteria!

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Why do we need to take probiotics?


there are toxins around us and they all have an impact on the healthy bacteria in our digestive system. Your digestive system is a complex ecosystem of good and bad bacteria. New research suggests that we have 100 trillion microorganisms (live bacteria) live inside our digestive tract.

We have good beneficial bacteria that aid in digestion and elimination and bad, harmful bacteria that leads to fungus, yeast infections, weight gain, digestive problems and dangerous.

The “good bacteria” or probiotics are essential for a healthy digestive system. These “good” help digest food, eliminate waste, promote healthy immune function, regulate metabolism and is responsible for maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

When our digestive system is balanced with 80% vs 20% good bacteria bad bacteria, our digestive system functions at its best. Numerous scientific studies have shown the beneficial effects effects of this healthy balance of probiotics, probiotics linking everything from weight control, higher energy levels, mental clarity and a stronger immune system.


A single daily dose of right probiotic can

  • end embarrassing and equally painful indigestion, ie, bloating, gas, acid reflux, etc.
  • Promote around the regularity of clock, relieve yourself of constant constipation and / or diarrhea
  • Boost your immune system (Remember, 80% of the immune system is in the gut!)
  • for women, getting rid of yeast infections or other vaginal health issues that are brought by excessive production of bad bacteria
  • revitalize your energy, feeling refreshed and recharged and no more than three feeling, never!
  • Establish mental clarity, get rid of anxiety, depression and aggressive thoughts that affect your mind
  • Control your weight; drop those stubborn pounds who has been trying to lose for years!
  • End joint pain. No more damage to all parts of inflammation throughout the body
  • Set the skin. Eczema, acne and other skin conditions unwanted are a telltale sign of an unhealthy
  • intestine

amazing, right ?? And this is not only our opinion, a mountain of medical research studies show! More than 20,000 research papers in the last 10 years have written about probiotics, and numerous laboratory tests have shown to have a real positive impact, measurable, in your digestive, colon and many other areas of the body system!

Maintaining a healthy balance of good probiotic bacteria in the gut with a probiotic supplement high quality can be the fastest, safest and easiest way to promote a healthy digestive system and a healthy body! The scary thing is, usually we are aware of the dangers that our take into our bodies on a daily basis. These are the 7 largest in the intestine not to need to know (and avoid) to maintain safe and strong intestine:

1. Antibiotics :


we’ve all been there before. You wake up sick as a dog and after a few days does not seem to go away. If not accompanied by fever that has landed some type of infection and the doctor Limping out to pray for a cure for this terrible feeling. Doctor will write a quick script and then is free to go to the pharmacy to find her “feel” better pills.

But you know what those antibiotics do when you take them? They find bacteria in your body and kill him, both evil and good leaving virtually nothing. Research suggests that antibiotics permanently alter your gut and may never fully recover unless supplemented with probiotics. If you have ever taken antibiotics (who has not) you need to find a good probiotic as soon as possible!

2. Sugar


Although you may think you do not have a sweet tooth, you’d be surprised how many foods contain sugar . Think caffeine or nicotine is the most addictive things for the average American? Think again, that is sugar, honey, no kidding! Studies with mice have shown sugar is, on average, more additive 9x cocaine!

Literally highjacks your brain and gives these terrible cravings taking control of your mind! This additive is 100% empty calories devoid of any nutritional value and should be avoided as much as humanly possible to save your intestinal health of mortal harm.

3. GMO Foods


Genetically Modified Organisms. Just let that sink. Otherwise known as “Frankenstein” those aware of its dangers, these scientifically altered foods are chocked full in grocery stores in the US .. The sad thing is probably just ate something with GM on it and I had no idea.

This is how sneaky food companies have become just to get what they want their hard earned money. GMOs are particularly bad because they are designed to be “stronger” than there biological counterparts – which means it is much more difficult for our body to digest. Over time, it is believed that GM can lead to a weakened and damaged intestine.

4. Tap water


Unless you are drinking well water, tap water is full of excess amounts of chlorine and fluorine offering serious health risks. Do not take chances and stick with mountain spring water.

5. Whole grains


When shopping at the grocery store you might think that you are making the decision right when reaching for whole grains, but this could not be further from the truth. These whole grains contain gluten, a protein that can be harmful to your intestinal health because your body recognizes this foreign substance as a toxin.

6. Stress


Life itself is stressful. Invoices, work, crazy kids going crazy (ask me how I know … mother of 3 here) , we know how it goes. When stressed this takes a toll on our body and intestinal health feels the brunt of the effects. “Trust your instincts” and try to relax, even when it seems impossible.

7. Exposure to toxins and pesticides


There seems to be harmful elements around us, and the food is not immune to these dangers. Toxic chemicals and additives destroy our intestinal flora killing our healthy bacteria.

All these aforementioned probiotic murderers are working to destroy your intestinal health and damage your body. The only way to restore balance is by replenishing them with healthy bacteria that we need to give us back the quality of life we ​​deserve.

If the bowel is unhealthy, like most people, because they do not realize how they are harming it on a daily basis, you can not fight these toxins.

Believe it or not, the American Association of Nutrition estimates between 70,000,000 and 100,000,000 men, women and children (yes, even children) struggle with digestive problems every day, and these toxins in July above are the main culprit!

When the gut is not healthy, your body begins to decompose from the inside and becomes a breeding ground for bad bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. This leads to weight gain, fatigue, painful digestive problems, brain disorders, and more than 170 serious health conditions, all directly linked to an unhealthy gut!

shutterstock_295119902 If these toxic triggers are removed and do your best to eat a clean, healthy diet full of real food with natural ingredients, this is a great start, but in most cases it is not yet enough to revitalize your life.

We are constantly bombarded with toxins from all angles and the only guaranteed way to make sure your body is good, healthy and probiotics need bacteria is to take a daily probiotic to rebalance and repair the gut-heal himself from the inside out!

restore gut health will give you more energy than you ever thought possible, promote regularity, helps you lose weight (yes, studies actually prove it! ) ended the painful and embarrassing indigestion, your skin clear, stop the unpredictable mood swings, to combat chronic inflammation and potential to keep your immune system healthy and strong. It sounds good, right?

Who would not want that ?!

When you heal your gut, that literally has a huge impact on your entire body!

So why really need bacteria in our body?

Although this might sound crazy, there are actually 10 times more bacteria in your gut organisms all human cells in your body. The toxins that we are exposed daily (many of whom do not even know about-Eeek!) reduce digestive function and affect our ability to use nutrients and get rid of cholesterol.

So what? Well, when this imbalance occurs within our body that triggers inflammation- and inflammation in the body it is the root of most chronic diseases and illnesses. rob jr

It has been shown that our bodies are healthier 80% good and bad bacteria bacteria 20%. So while some bad bacteria is well, and practically impossible to avoid, this balanced ratio is vital to our well being. This relationship is key because dysbiosis (imbalance excess fungi, yeast or bacteria) send health going downhill quickly.

When we give our body the healthy bacteria that need through probiotic supplementation daily, to unlock the hidden secret to eternal health. Here is a list of the benefits of probiotic supplements they may not even have realized:

  • helps fight disease by increasing our immune system. surprising fact: 80% of our immune system is in our gut. So what does this tell you, if you are constantly under the weather? Fixing your gut will change their quality of life.
  • With a healthy intestinal flora (balance between good and bad bacteria found inside your gut) going to have a lot of energy and feel a renewed sense of self. Imagine if you had more energy to do things? Things that normally seemed tiring just thinking about it. Now is possible.
  • Keep your vaginal health: no more yeast infections, urinary tract infections and a general rise in their vaginal health. This is something that normally only discussed with our gynecologist, and that’s understandable. But what if probiotics may help maintain health in places that can damage the most when affected? Would you be willing to take a pill a day to fix that. I know I would.
  • Be happy, all the time. There is a very specific reason why our gut is commonly known as our “second brain” by doctors and health professionals. Here is a saying that you can also be familiar with “trust your gut.” The reason these words became is because there are 500 billion neurons in our intestinal wall is only purpose is to send and receive messages back and forth from our brain. It is this ENS (enteric nervous system) that is responsible for controlling our moods, thoughts and feelings. So now you do not see why alterations in digestion play a very important role in how we feel?
  • Set the skin by healing your gut. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, covering every inch of us, from head to toe. The toxins that affect our intestine will directly impact our skin, which is expressed through skin conditions. So what these skin rashes and acne is really doing is making a request for help to fix your gut.

These are some of the most important benefits, but also probiotics have been proven to help you lose weight by restoring their digestive functions, increase your positivity, and the best part of all- no side effects they have been recognized to date.

How do you know that probiotics to buy?

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.11.23 AM

If you go to Google “probiotics” that they would be surprised to see all that is out there. Dozens of companies are jumping on the bandwagon of probiotics, but the fact of the matter is that most of them are absolute rubbish, which is not going to do your body any good. With modern medicine turning bowel health as the new approach, many companies are making attempts to sell inauthentic products they know they are not reliable.

There is a critical difference in what is good and what is not when it comes to probiotics. This is what you need to know to save yourself a costly mistake in seeking to regain your health!

By taking probiotics, which are literally swallowing live bacteria that live and have a positive effect at all, this sensitive bacteria have to do by the throat, through your stomach, beyond harmful acids in the stomach and small and large intestines. If at any time the process of dying or they do not, it is completely useless and taking them that are literally flushing your money down the toilet!

So before you rush out and buy the first probiotic that is, you should know what to look for and what to avoid! There are two major challenges to finding a probiotic high quality:

Challenge # 1: Most probiotics are killed before taking

commercially produced probiotics sold in stores like Walmart , Target, GNC, etc. They are mass produced cost savings and can sit in warehouses and on the shelves of several months or years before being consumed by you.

Because bacteria living in vivo are very sensitive to temperature and naturally die eventually, many probiotics are dead or dying before you take them with the purchase of probiotics available in the market ! For this reason, we strongly recommend staying away from probiotics off the shelf is recommended. Studies show that simply do not work so well and are “unpredictable” -i.e. a complete waste of money !!

Challenge # 2: Most probiotics (who are alive) are destroyed by stomach Harmful acid

Most probiotics are still alive when taken they struggle to survive in their travel once come into contact with harmful stomach acids. Your stomach is a toxic mixture of digestive enzymes and acids specifically designed to break down food. But is this stomach acid that easily kills sensitive probiotic bacteria.

Therefore, probiotic supplements that do not use advanced catheter delivery system are condemned to death and deprived of any good! A “advanced catheter delivery system” is designed to protect sensitive bacteria while traveling through harmful stomach acids, ensuring the beneficial bacteria that make the intestines where they are needed!

Before buying any probiotic supplement, do your homework! Probiotics must be produced in small quantities to ensure healthy bacteria, live, and should also come with a advanced catheter delivery system to protect sensitive bacteria as it passes through the stomach. Here’s what to look for:

  • diversity of strains: When buying a probiotic, you need to choose a probiotic that has 5 or more proven, tested strands for you can get the full benefits (remember the list of threads we mentioned above, you’ll need those!) do not settle for anything less than 5 or be fooled by the strains of useless bacteria dozen. Many companies add 15 to 20 strains of useless bacteria that have little or no effect at all. They adhere to strains previously talked to a minimum.
  • Advanced Delivery System: Most probiotics come in vegetarian capsules are not good. Our stomach is full of strong acids that can destroy the probiotic instantly if not protected properly!

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